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  1. to Bz and Geek members, i am done

    [censored]! and hey @Tonyyammine looks like your next post is your 1000th congrats!
  2. Banned for RWI, someone help me

    Well that was an interesting read! Loved the ending. Better not let my dog near my laptop, he'd be posting in the sales section for sure! Here's my Doberman :-)
  3. I'm looking to add a sub to my collection. I want a classic silver / black, with a date on it and a good rep date mag if such a thing exists? Noob to Rolex apart from the Deepsea i bought about 4 years ago from Josh. Are there any WM9 models i should be on the lookout for? Or should I just order the Noob V3...? Help!
  4. Lume shots PO 45mm :)

    I'm looking at getting another PO 45mm. Which one did you go for? How long does the lume last?
  5. Happy Birthday kamber!

  6. Happy Birthday kamber!

  7. I've bought 3 sets of these now of ebay and none of them fit, its cost me upwards of £40 trying to get 1 tiny little screw! Can someone please send me a spare they may have laying around. I'll happily send paypal payment to cover the cost of postage + whatever reasonable amount you want for the screw. TIA!
  8. My New Beautiful Watch :-D

    Just thought i'd add that the watch is still going strong! :-)
  9. what you drive?

    Not been on here for a good few months... heres an update... they were my daily drive/rides... which have been replaced with..... The veyron killer that is the GTR :-) 564bhp dyno'd with ECU remap, decat, Miltek Y-pipe. On paper it doesn't win, but in reality it just does somehow!??! Lol, love the top gear reviews of my cars fantasic :-D
  10. Monday Wristavagapaloozathingyshizzle

    I also have a strong arm today and went with the subzilla on rubber. :-D
  11. Sunday W/C

    Survivor Sunday for me :-)
  12. Wednesday W/C

    Bit of Hublot Bode Bang for today methinks :-)
  13. Josh's New Black Hands Hublots

    Here are the pics! Nice black hands, excellent change Brilliant quality finish, perfect dial.. date wheel looks fine to me?!!? I include a marketing shot from a gen store last, looks like the RG BB pretty much 1:1 now this one doesn't have blue screws on the movement either. I'm considering getting the full ceramic bracelet for this now, or maybe that and the new silver ice model...
  14. I've made a deal with PeteM

    PeteM is a great guy, not only a fountain of knowledge but a totally genuine and allround top bloke! He's on my Christmas Card list that's for sure!