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  1. Hey guys, so I'm looking to buy a 116520 steel cosmograph daytona. I've never bought a brand new, gen, Rolex before. My quarterly bonuses are starting to get pretty sizable so... I'm looking to treat myself. I've been browsing around rolexforums since some sellers have them on hand. There is one a local seller on those forums who seems to sell literally hundreds of new in box Rolex watches, and has amassed a ton of positive feedback. So I'm pretty sold on the seller. I do have some questions that I could ask on rolexforums, but honestly based on my long term experience here and browsing their
  2. Thanks guys. Yours looks good nightwatch. irolexu, you should definitely pick one up if you're in the mood for a less sporty look sometimes.
  3. From top left to bottom right: 1. Breitling Superocean Steelfish- ETA movement, ETA datewheel 2. Hublot Big Bang - Basic rep in rose gold with CF dial 3. Breitling Super Avenger - Gen dial, gen Pro II 4. TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 - Basic rep purchased from Joshua 5. TAG Heuer F1 - Gen watch, quartz model with hidden digital readout/features 6. Panerai 004 - EL case-set & CG, Avitt PVD service, ETA 6497 w/ Panerai etchings, FGD pre-A t-swiss-t dial and hands, BigC/Matt crystal, t-48 crown, DNS pre-A OP6500 caseback, and RIOS 1931 vintage tan strap. 7. Panerai 212 - J-series, Ge
  4. Got this puppy in from another member on the board. Apparently it was a C&R from joshua. I haven't opened it up yet but I was told it was the nickel plated eta movement. What do you guys think?
  5. The watch so far is keeping good time, I would say so far about +6s / day at this rate. The platinum insert mod is the painting mod? What do you think the ods are of finding a gen insert or do gens not fit? I would try painting but honestly I don't think it would come out pretty if i do it .
  6. Just got this one in the mail from BK. Set the time and date and adjusted the bracelet. Looks good so far. What do you guys think?
  7. I guess I should shop around some more. Did strike me as expensive. It's a real ETA movement as far as I can tell by looking at it, and was billed as such by babola when he sold his build.
  8. Weird wonder why he said a week. I did see in one of his posts he said he hired a guy just to service movements (since I'm not modding anything.)
  9. Thanks for the tips! Vac also got back to me saying he can do a 1 week turnaround on a movement service and mainspring replacement. Not super cheap, just under $200. Not sure what's normal price for this kind of job.
  10. It takes time. Just like to a rando nub any watch looks like any other. A $20 quartz rolex rep would look like the real thing to some people. Some of us have reps and gens and like everything about watches and know more about watches than the majority of the population. Same with scotch, wine, etc... Just different interests and hobbies.
  11. I have a PAM 004 from another member here, the main spring seems broken. The watch wasn't keeping particularly good time and now the mainspring seems to slip. The movement seems to be an ETA 6497. The best way to describe the issue is that instead of winding you hear a spring slip inside the watch. The gears and the click seem fine, so I'm assuming it's the spring that's broken. Does anyone know of a watchsmith in Houston that is OK with reps and fixing swiss movements? I've taken a movement out of a watch before, but I've never torn a movement down so I don't think this is a job I could do
  12. You can drink scotch, whisky, etc.. with ice or even a splash of water. Most people wont drink expensive scotch on the rocks. However a mid-high end scotch will be cask strength, high proof, and you could use a VERY SMALL piece of ice to cool it down just a hair and water it down a tiny little bit. You may find certain single malts (extremely peaty ones) can benefit from a small amount of ice or water. of course it's all personal choice, use as much ice as you like. I also know people that like those whisky stones, but IMO the ones I've seen are all [censored], because the math/science sa
  13. Meh, it's all the same, Scotch just gets written as whisky, it's the same family of drinks that includes rye, bourbon etc... Canadian whisky is also spelled without the 'e', but it's not scotch. I know many will disagree, but to me it's the same word spelled differently, ie. color vs colour, check vs cheque, aluminum vs aluminium, etc.. But yes you're right, Scotch labels Scotch specifically as 'whisky' instead of 'whiskey'. Not a bad selection . That Macallan looks delicious! I should try some of the Japanese offerings, I haven't yet. That's a pretty decent list . The
  14. Yea I like cask strength scotch, like the Macallan offering. The four in my picutre are all cask strength.
  15. Chivas is not a bad drink. Certainly worth an order if that's what the bar has. I like Glenrothes, it's a good choice for Speyside, especially if you like a sherry finish. Thanks guys, I am pretty lucky! Not sure if there is a connection between Houston and Scotland, but if there is a massive oil industry in Aberdeen then it stands to reason there is. Houston is huge in the energy/oil trade. The way that I have access to these bottles is through the massive Specs liquor store in downtown Houston on Smith st. It's a HUGE store and they carry basically everything you ca
  16. What's everyone drinking these days? Here's what's on my office counter: Scotch wise we've got: Lonach - Bunnahabhain 1968 (40 years) Lonach - Tomatin 1965 (43 years) Duncan Taylor - Strathisla 1968 (43 years) Duncan Taylor - The Octave - Caperdonich 1972 (38 years) Also about to enjoy a 2004 Chateau Pontet-Canet, it's just ripe .
  17. A Sea-Dweller kind of day. http://imgur.com/4mtPi.jpg'>http://imgur.com/9JS5m.jpg'>
  18. http://imgur.com/9N4eV.jpg'> Rolex Sea-Dweller 16600 (Franken)
  19. Can't seem to keep this one off my wrist, franken SA:
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