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  1. Thanks for all the feedback, it would be good to see some comparison photo's.
  2. I am looking for some new endlinks does any one have any experience of these, http://www.ebay.co.u...=item2569953d65
  3. Trusty's site says it's available with the clone 3135 for $318, but there are no details when you click the link.
  4. I have just noticed this small photo on Trusty's site of the proposed December releases. Is this the long awaited new super seadweller? If so it looks like business as usual in the Crown and CG department.
  5. You could buy a Seadweller they had Superluminova and lug holes for about 3 years 2000-2003.
  6. http://stefanomazzariol.blogspot.com/
  7. ShawnBeever


    I went for the second option. MBW case, 2846 and hands from the PT, Bezel insert and bracelet from PT. I had wanted to use the PT date wheel as well but the alignment wasn't quite right with my MBW dial.
  8. I think the PT version has the most gen like open 6/9's with flat 3's. Unfortunately the fiish on the one I had looked nothing like the gen silver brushed finish and I found difficult to see in bad light. Also the PT version does not have the same diameter number ring so will only work with the PT dial. It won't work with an MBW dial and so I guess won't work with any other rep dials. I have tried most of the date wheels available for the MBW 1665 and have finally gone withe the Cubic works one. Its probably the least gen looking but the quality of printing and the font seam to match the overall package and therefore look most gen, if you know what I mean. MBW with cubic works
  9. I really like the PT 93150. The clasp is a bit naff particularly the cartoon like coronet and I have swapped mine for a gen version. The colour of the steel matches the gen clasp very well. I think if you are worried about the accuracy of the PT bracelet then you may be better of with another base watch as the bracelet is probably the most accurate bit of it. The PT 1665 is excellent value for money but every thing about it is slightly different to a gen. unlike an MBW where some of it is different to a gen.
  10. Great value watch. Only needs a bit of work on the inner CG's to look pretty good.
  11. Very, very nice. Let down slightly by the pearl, which looks too new and possibly a bit big.
  12. Thanks for the information guys.
  13. I want to drill out a set of 1016 lug holes, does anyone know the correct diameter for 1016 lug holes looking at a few I am guessing it is not the standard sub 1.2/1.3mm.
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