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  1. I saw a post from a while ago (2012!) that you had a cabinet full of vintage Daytona's.  Is that still the case?

    Are you looking to part with anything at this time?


  2. Hello, do you have a contact email?

  3. Ite missa est simple, exact, precise, etc. etc. bravo
  4. Yes and no, If I remember well, the movement fits inside the DW case and its possible to fix it using tabs, the V72 has 4 screw holes locations for tabs But its no possible to screw the thin DW caseback made for the 7750 without rotor, this is due to the V72 chrono start/stop lever height,
  5. Hi folks, In 3 years I have built dozens of watches and had only 4 with a return to fix a problem. I admit a problem could happen, I am not perfect, However, I am a trusted dealer on RWG.bz and RWI with my own dealer/watchmaker section in both forums. Terms of service are clearly explained concerning possible problems on watch buildings I have members here on this board who have entrusted work to me, I thanks them, But : I there is a flaw to fix, the logic is to send me back the watch so I can fix it. And not to give the watch to a third party and then send me the watch disassembled an ask me to repair, This happened twice here, a third one will never happen, as the answer will be NO. For any demand concerning building prices, time slots and orders, please refer to the conditions of warranty in my sections on RWI and RWG.bz before to place an order
  6. Use a circular polar filter and a tripod as the filter will affect the aperture value and/or the shutter speed Disconnect all these stupid auto programs and work in manual mode
  7. gen 1680 cases are thicker than gen 5512/5513 cases, first issues gen 5512/5513 cases (from mid sixties) were very thin and had twinlock crowns things go thicker later,
  8. I don't understand what you mean by set my default settings to english translate : j'ai pas pigé, Y aurait-il un paramétrage de mon système d'exploitation qui me permettrait de voir écrit sur Ebay "David est un gentil garçon qui vend des gentilles montres et qui s'est fait la malle avec l'argent des membres du forum ???" désolé, je suis un simplet,
  9. Very interesting... actually, thats was the link is showing,
  10. thats exactly right, these vintage cases are very, very thin, basic reps from basic dealers/makers are too thick,
  11. I am not a 1655 guru but a good observer handling a lot of gen Rolex watches If you mean a 40mm case is a case taking a 40mm bezel, so yes the 1655 Explorer II has a 40mm case but the bezel is not 40mm, it is slightly shorter, 38 - 39mm The 1655 case is exactly the same as the 1675 GMT, very slim, light and with a 5,3mm crown, the only difference is that the 1675 has a rotating bezel assembly, Both 1655 and 1675 ref cases have a slim flat brushed caseback All 1655 sold by rep dealers have wrong cases, and wrong casebacks, I will say they are complete 1/1 off, lol
  12. just a precision : not so square, it was just to show what has to be cut, cut more like this :
  13. What does this mean "genuine singer but re-dial" ?? refinished ? this dial looks like an NDT Tons of "gen" dials are rep, its easy to ask to an engraving shop to reproduce a punch stamp written "Singer" with the logo then you punch a brass disk, mill the incabloc grove and silver solder legs you have a gen dial...
  14. Look the difference between Yuki springbars which come with the bracelet and gen Rolex springbars to accept gen springbars the Yuki bracelet end pieces have been enlarged, its drilled with 2.1mm drill bits Rings in the Yuki bracelet end links have been cut then enlarged
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