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  1. Quality is just amazing. Just some quick unaltered photos:
  2. Happy Birthday PolonusTM!

  3. Some of You may remember my review on H-factory’s PAM 089e. What I always liked was anthracite dial but I felt some kind of impression that the potential of this dial was “wasted” with dull titanium body. I liked the idea of anthracite dial in polished/brushed case, as i.e. PAM 091 as known from “After The Sunset” movie with Pierce Brosnan. Pierce’s one was titanium but I wanted it in SS for greater bling So, there was the idea to somehow put movement/dial of PAM 089e into SS case.The only case replicated lately was case for PAM 297 (the same GMT movement = the same stem position). In
  4. Well... Just connected idea: I ordered special mashup from Joshua.. Should be in few days
  5. Happy Birthday PolonusTM!

  6. Warming up old topic.... I just got black version with really badly scratched AR on both sides of sapphire. So two questions: does this rep accept gen sapphire? 2nd: who would do decent AR job in EU for me?
  7. So it looks manufacturer knows about it since the watch You got actually was set at -30 secs/day
  8. ZF factory PAM 389 I wasn’t in hurry to order this watch, especially since Joshua told me the watch is also “in making” in Kuvarsit factory. I read the whole Angus’ thread on RG referring to release of this rep. When it was available from Joshua, I pulled the trigger. Delivery was very slow due to the Christmas time and so on but I got it few days ago Angus stated the maker (ZF - the final assembly stage owner, I suppose) has the gen. What I think is they had a gen for a while, disassembled it and then had to give it back so some parts were made against maybe photos of gen or measurements
  9. not flat CP.... I will pick my KW 351 this afternoon. Not flat CP, too
  10. another gen photo showing concentric circles on subdial (visible stroke of light):
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