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  1. Yes - your suspicions are indeed correct. The genuine single red Deepsea Jacques Piccard is an extremely limited edition - only 86 pieces made. So yeah, anyone wanting to trade one + cash towards a Sinn would not be doing themselves any favours. Obviously the one here is so fake that it doesn’t even have a single letter in red on the dial.
  2. For casework on Rolex there are a few EU-based modders: - ado213 is based in England (likely EU until 31st Oct bwahahaha) - Tripdog on RWI is based in France - Kilowattore on RWI is based in Italy
  3. Kilowattore on RWI does 1665 casework and is based in Italy. Or Tripdog, also RWI, who’s based in France.
  4. 356 Dirtylight, Rolli Bruno with GPF buckle
  5. The base is a matte finish. There's no gloss.
  6. Forgot to update. This is the dial I finally selected. Had to go through a few dials before I chose this one. If ordering from MQ make sure you ask for clear high definition photos for QC. White spots and etc are dust and lint on the dial. The photos on MQ's website are different from the dial he will send. I don't know why he hasn't updated his photos on the site. For example the GW rail dial photo on his website is the exact same photo on NDT's website. It's not a similar photo, it's the exact same photo down to the defects on the dial. The coronet is wrong, dial script font/color is wrong, spacing all wrong. Now the QC pics and the actual dial he sent me are 95% close to gen. The open 6 GW rail dial version. I am amazed at how close it is to gen. Here is a comparison photo, gen on top, this MQ dial below.
  7. Yes, I can agree Ruby's great to deal with. Got the case for my 1665 build from her. But she didn't have any GWSD dials in stock, and it'll take her 4 weeks to make me one. She can't do hands. I've sent this dial back to MQ for a replacement.
  8. This is the Great White rail dial I received from MQ, with tritium patina. Dial font and position of script look really good. There's a mark/scrape close to 9 which was not visible on QC photos.
  9. Haven't paid yet. Still discussing with MQ.
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