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  1. No worries mate. Of course those Viet cases look brand new, so the case will need to be vintagised and edges will need to be softened to look like a 40 year old case. Tripdog over on RWI did the casework on mine.
  2. I meant the edge of the lug which is between the red square and the green rectangle. If you flip the case upside down, the lower and upper edges should form a ‘canoe’ shape. If you flip the Viet case upside down, you’ll see the edge along the bezel ring is not curved and is quite flat.
  3. Hi C, Here’s a photo of the Clark superdome T39 on mine. I went for a new aftermarket crystal for better water resistance, compared to a NOS gen plexi which would have close to 20 years old. Are you using a Viet case? 1665 CGs must be ovals, the shape is specific to the 1665, you’ll see clear examples on HQ Milton. Here’s what it should look like: Lugs will need reshaping too, the upper edge of the lugs should slope down from the crown towards the tips as below. The Viet case is a straight line along the upper edge of the lugs (no slope).
  4. Ruby is awesome. Quick non nonsense comms, and very prompt. Get a case from her, then send it to a modder for casework. A 50 year old watch should look like one - edges softened etc, and not mint like it just came off the assembly line. There are modders in Europe and US who can do that for you. If you get a case from Phong (he has the best lug engraving, there is none better) you still need to send it to a modder to get the case shaped, and softening done. The 1665 lugs are unique, and there’s very few modders who can do that well: try Rolojack in the US, or Tripdog and Kilowattore (f
  5. Rafflestime on eBay has good aftermarket hands for a 1570 movement
  6. MQ and NDT are closely connected in some way, they use the same pics on their sites. NDT is long gone however, so you’d need to deal with MQ.
  7. Yes - your suspicions are indeed correct. The genuine single red Deepsea Jacques Piccard is an extremely limited edition - only 86 pieces made. So yeah, anyone wanting to trade one + cash towards a Sinn would not be doing themselves any favours. Obviously the one here is so fake that it doesn’t even have a single letter in red on the dial.
  8. For casework on Rolex there are a few EU-based modders: - ado213 is based in England (likely EU until 31st Oct bwahahaha) - Tripdog on RWI is based in France - Kilowattore on RWI is based in Italy
  9. Kilowattore on RWI does 1665 casework and is based in Italy. Or Tripdog, also RWI, who’s based in France.
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