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  1. Remarkable as always! the polish brings your work to a level way beyond what would be " normal".... you are the master of presentation & the reps you spend time on are the luckiest ever! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! my regards, mcotter
  2. This Heuer is very cool...is a rep available yet...? best mcotter
  3. Clearly a legit Rfactory dial! However, the bottom half of the printing looks fuzzy to me? it may be photo angle or a refinish done before the practice was sinful!....in any event it's a very cool /valuable dial. regards, Mcotter
  4. Mir36, i may be the buyer of your Tonney dial if it is available? Can you forward a photo? best, mcotter Mcotter@maxbroock.com........thank you
  5. Can't imagine that Rolex would authorize or sanction a watch that was designed to replicate a prominent model of theirs! Their history would dictate otherwise & I believe whoever indicates that they did is not credible... Sorry, the story does not compute.... Best, mcotter
  6. mcotter


    Thank you Justin, mcotter@maxbroock.com Regards, Mike
  7. mcotter


    Thank you, Justin, That may be great? the small book , seems to have vanished. The PDF would be swell! Best, Mike
  8. mcotter


    Gents, i have misplaced my small Daytona reference book following a recent move! It is of Italian origin & has a superb chronology of my favorite watch.i have looked at all of the obvious resources w/o any luck....any direction would be so appreciated... my thanks, mcotter
  9. You have characterized the differences rather well! The rough edges of the rep can be amended w/ 320 paper in a 15min time, followed w a soft cloth & pink metal polish...the silky feel is there w/ a small amount of massage best, mcotter
  10. On & on goes your magic! This one continues your history as builder of the "Best" Regards, mcotter
  11. Wait a minute....was that really Ihooq for real? If so are you still in Canada? I have missed your wisdom & thought you were onto other adventures.... my best, mcotter
  12. I think negiative political messages should no place on RWG! Considering the election is now past,we should give the winner our support as he may well have very positive impact on our wonderful country! let's stay focused on the magic of Daytonas, Subs, etc.... regards, mcotter
  13. Amazing, I can't remember a more spellbinding build story ever! I share your Tudor passion & an Outlaw MC is a very cool project indeed....thanks for sharing! regards, mcotter. ( Jensen & Phong get stars for this one!)
  14. Breathtaking! Your case & polish work is the best we have....thanks for the tour. regards, mcotter
  15. It's in Arizona, Phong's in Arizona... What a coincidence! Regards, mcotter
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