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  1. The crown, tube, bezel and dial will all be GEN .... in my build, I'm more interested in what appeals to me ..than about trying to be as close to genuine. The Priek crystal case back is a nice add on .. in my opinion.
  2. I pick that up that DW case set on Repgeek ... few months ago I did pick up a Phong 1655 midcase many years age, his bezel was not equivalent to Genuine, so I found a Gen 1655 bezel with a ding... most the other Gen parts for the case I collected over the years, including 1570 GMT movement (posted over at the new HF) I always remember Phong use to justify his expensive parts, and cases on using better stainless and specs compared to Yuki ... he would say "yuki ws garbage" .. LoL I'm waiting for Ruby to reply ... because I want to see what they have for a complete 1680 bezel. Otherwise a GEN 1680 bezel assembly with insert runs about $1000 ... then I have to send it to Necky for case machine and placement As far as what I see ... all the new and "close to spec" vintage Rolex case sets are coming from Vietnam ... I have GEN White 1680 dial MK5 ... just need to get a hand set
  3. Look for VN gen spec parts ... already have Yodog builds, Phong cases. I have a DW 1680 case set. Looking for parts, gen-spec ... not Yuki. Rubyswatch not replying to my email ... not sure if they were still active.
  4. Sent Rubyswatch an email on their site for password, but no reply? Is Rubyswatch in China and are they still on holiday? or are they in Vietnam? Would it be better to go with MQ instead?
  5. WM9 (father & son) dead...as well as Robert from PWC......the REP business is pretty dangerous...wonder who's croaking next?
  6. Would like to see some photos and of the inside spring-bar tubes. It's a shame, because the ones I bought from him last year had the "580" etched instead of stamped/engraved...like they should be. Also, I think these new ones allow for the fatter GEN springbars to fit.
  7. Yeah.....I doubted the factory would retool the machining process to produce an aluminum or a composite case for the 386.........brown fairy dust on regular stainless case....place in oven....cook at 400 degrees
  8. It is safe to assume that it will not be that brown composite case color......it will just be the standard PVD stainless case like the 26K?
  9. yep....me too....just checking to see if there was another source
  10. Where did you source the 702 tube? It's aftermarket?
  11. What would suck is that if for $5, the Clark Crystal is the same offering..........my belief on Rolex parts on ebay is....unless it's in the sealed Rolex packaging....it's not Rolex. My question is....how could he have so many so-called "Rolex" crystals out of packaging??? That's like the Adam Sandler movie where the electronics sales guys says...."it's not Sony, but it's has "Sony Guts".....
  12. Chinese do not use "Stanford Materials".....and "synthetic sapphire" = "mineral"..........don't get lost in the details and scientific definition of sapphire...and don't give any of these factories the benefit of the doubt....if it's "sapphire", they will list is as such....if it's "mineral", they will try and sugar coat it and re-term it...aka "synthetic sapphire"
  13. That Patek is beautiful!!!............I got them all beat.....and it's a GEN!.....THE REAL GAYTONA!....$46,000
  14. Kbiz mentioned that the WSO990 212 sapphire crystal he picked up a while ago was not very good....maybe you can post a review once you get yours....also, if it is sapphire and not mineral.
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