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  1. Thank you Hologramet. Because I'm not here often, can you please guide me to where I can post an ad? Ive got a spare1680 case which is for 1570 movement, and now I like to exchange a 1016 case. Thanks
  2. Does any one knows where can find after market vintage cases? thx
  3. Hi, I just wondering if your 1016 has been done? and looking forward your experience since I planned to built one exact on gen 1601 case and gen 1570 movement.
  4. Where can find aftermarket R watch cases? 

  5. Thanks for all your reply... The watch case has been well received. Quality very good! I'll buy another case soon from Minh. Here is the photo for your reference.
  6. I bought one last month by top dollar... but very disappointed and can't tell if it made of 904 stainless steel. The watch was claimed that contained a clone 3186. But the fact is, that is a cheap clone ETA (not real) has the "3186" mark. Date window is wrong shape... the worse thing is, there is a small gap in between the two tone bezel. Now, I'd disassembly the watch... only keep the watch case and start a Franken 116710. Now I spend another dollar to bought 1. Gen 116710LN bezel 2. Gen dial and hands 3. The SH3135 is on the way to me. Asking Mike for
  7. Thanks for the experience sharing. MQ has replied and sent out the parcel today. Let see, and will take the pic upload to you guys.
  8. Hi Mike, may I ask for your help? I've got a noob 116710 watch case and SH3135. Can you please help to convert the movement and assembly the watch? 

  9. Very nice...👍👍👍 I'm working my 1675. Will let you guys know soon..
  10. Hi, does anyone has deal with this web site before? I'd ordered a 1675 case and paid more than 950 EUR through the Western Union. At the beginning, the guy reply promptly and nice. But after the payment been made. There are no any respond for two days... very worry!
  11. Happy Birthday Biker!

  12. Looking for vintage.....

  13. Very usefully information and learn more to know the direction of thoughts.
  14. Very good project, and I like your bezel..seems very "old". Perfect aging! good
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