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  1. Hi thanks for your reply, It the new Asian 3187 with correct handstack in the explorer II Its gaining a little and I wanted to regulate it Richard
  2. No one!!!!!!!
  3. Hi No, all the work is by me The movements are large so easy to work on, Just make sure you have some skills first when servicing the movement. It is fun, I have 15No in my collection Richard
  4. Hi, Need some help Can anyone tell me how regulate the new asian 3187 movement in the Explorer II Many Thanks Richard
  5. Hi, How else could you own a Genuine IWC/U.N 15 jewel hand wind movement watch for $1000-1500 Just not possible. Richard
  6. Hi All were originally Pocket Watches with worn out or damaged cases. I just gave these and a few others a new lease of life. With modern watches getting larger, they now seem fine at 47/48mm Smaller than a Breitling Super Avenger, same size as an IWC Big Pilot or Panerai 127 etc. Amazing movements, the IWC has been serviced and regulated and is gaining about 2-3 sec per day not bad for a movement 113 yrs old !!!!! Thanks for looking Richard
  7. A Blast from the past today
  8. Hi Gran Movements
  9. A trio of classics 1. Ulysses Nardin (Gold) from 1920 2. Omega Labrador from 1896 3. IWC from 1904
  10. Many Thanks
  11. Hi, Cir.1900 Vintage U. Nardin Pocket Watch Converted to Wrist Watch with a Gold Plated Stainless Steel Case and a See Through Exhibition Case Back. A One-Of-A-Kind Watch. Case: 48mm x 60mm lug to lug Dial: Original Dial in Excellent Condition no cracks ; Kiln-Fired Enamel ; Original White Hands: Blued Steel Original Leaf Case Material: Stainless Steel Gold Plated Movement: Excellent Condition Original ; Manual wind, recent new main spring fitted Strap: 22mm Style: Men's Vintage Excellent Condition Original ; Manual wind Additional information: Movement is numbered 504680 and named U.Nardin Locle & Geneve together with the dial Thanks for looking Richard