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  1. Hi I bought this Replica Panerai Movement (Half Swiss half Chinese) and just fully serviced it, running about +4-6 sec fast Can anyone tell me what Panerai Watch would have this movement? (It actually has the correct length swan neck screw quite amazing) Many Thanks Richard
  2. I think the word Rolex and the crown has just been photo shopped for the advert. You can see on the photo quite clearly
  3. Hi All, He finally withdrew his claim, PayPal sorted out, no more issue. payment made in my favor. Thanks To everyone for your support and advise, much appreciated It was the weight issue that was the winner. Richard
  4. Thanks guys for all your comments and support very much appreciated It now however turns out that he is not a member here only a "Friend" of a member. My problem for being to trusting. Anyway on with the PayPal issue. Best Regards Richard.
  5. Never sell anything to an Italian named Andrea Leotta. He will claim your package was empty when he received it, and then raise a paypal claim against you Just a Warning as he did this to me Regards Richard
  6. Hi, Had the same problem, just clean the surfaces and carefully use epoxy glue (Two Part Mix type) worked OK for me, no issues. Richard
  7. Hi This is mine you can see Rolex on the movement Richard
  8. This one is still my favourite
  9. Hi Mate, Long time no see. Happy to see you back Nice watch by the way One of my favorites Regards Richard
  10. Hi thanks for your reply, It the new Asian 3187 with correct handstack in the explorer II Its gaining a little and I wanted to regulate it Richard
  11. Hi No, all the work is by me The movements are large so easy to work on, Just make sure you have some skills first when servicing the movement. It is fun, I have 15No in my collection Richard
  12. Hi, Need some help Can anyone tell me how regulate the new asian 3187 movement in the Explorer II Many Thanks Richard
  13. Hi, How else could you own a Genuine IWC/U.N 15 jewel hand wind movement watch for $1000-1500 Just not possible. Richard
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