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  1. As other posters have said, I can't believe anyone would risk their eyes with rep sunglasses! I purchased two pairs of Ray Bans tonight from an AD. One pair retailed for $155 and I got them for $118. The other pair was $115 and I got them for $89. There was an online coupon which saved me another $27 and shipping was free. Why would anyone buy rep sunglasses?
  2. Happy Birthday Martyd3!

  3. I bought it with the hands installed, but Ofrei should have them. I will have to check on the crystal. I have a Phong bezel that a bit nicer. The bracelet is from Yuki. It's really not correct for the watch.
  4. It makes a world of difference. This one also has Omega Flightmaster hands, an Ingod44 dial, gen crown & tube and Clark tropic plexi. A new bezel and some more case shaping is up next
  5. Once again, show us the QC pics. Only 13 posts in 6 + years and you file a Paypal dispute? I've bought at least 25 watches, some were better than other's and a few were real stinkers, but I never went the dispute route. All that does is hurt all of us. It's not good business.
  6. It's for a modern triplock tube. These are getting too expensive to risk screwing up with the incorrect tool. I can have it back to you in a couple of days. Thanks in advance for your help. Marty
  7. Happy Birthday Martyd3!

  8. I don't have the correct die to repress the retaining ring. I will gladly pay for your time. Thanks. Marty
  9. I will be married four years in September, complements of eHarmony. We rarely have a bad day. Just take your time and have realistic expectations (don't settle and don't expect the first one to be the "one"). It does work
  10. Left and sitting high in the window It almost looks crooked, which is odd.
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