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  1. yes im here whats up? sorry i dont log in every day on this forum

  2. Wow! Reducing the rehaut makes a big difference. I've actually been working with PBDad in making the 6542. But the project has been halted for almost 6 months due to Silix not making the ROLS176 case in 38mm anymore. But recently, I contacted Jee and he said that there's a case that is 38-39mm, no crownguard and coin bezel with a smaller rehaut. I'm going to check out the ROL245 to see if it does indeed work. Does anyone know if the PT/ImGod combo would be the same as the Silix case with a NDT dial? Would love to finish this project!
  3. Hi everyone, After many months of waiting, I managed to find a used PAM204 Wempe. Unfortunately, it has some issues that meed some modding to fix. I was wondering if anyone here can give some input on it. The first issue is that it comes with the 45mm wire lugs, not the 42mm ones. That means that they overlap a bit. I was thinking of cutting them to be shorter to see if they fit. Would you guys know if the angles on the 42mm lugs and the 45mm are the same? Lastly, the chrono pusher at 2 seems to get stuck. I'm thinking of replacing it with the correct, non-screw down pusher. Do any of you know if I can use the existing 45mm chrono pushers from a 288? This is one of my top PAM watches to own, but it's unfortunate that Andrew/Josh stopped producing them. If I can get these parts working, that would be so great! Thanks!
  4. interested! please include me in as well
  5. My apologies! I'm a new forum member and just read his posts after this. My condolences and wish him all the best. He must be going through a lot.
  6. He seems to be on and off. I placed an order with him around two months ago and he PM'd me that he finished building my 3714 in early July. Still waiting in the delivery though.
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