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  1. Probaly one pof the best Navitimer reps, you'll love it
  2. Rattled off another Spree river wristie, this time catching one of the tourist boats as they came past... For some reason, I really love Berlin...
  3. No need for crossing fingers mate - already got the job Also, if any fellow Berlin-based RWGers would like to hang out with a FOP (Fresh Off the Plane) Aussie, i'll be in town until Sunday this week, so shoot me a PM
  4. Arrived in Berlin, big party on Saturday night, here was the obligatory 7th storey wristie from the Hotel Meliã right on Friedrichstrasse Also a small comparative shot with a 328 at a great watch store in Kurfürstendamm
  5. What a gorgeous ass on the one on the right... *swoons*
  6. Forgive my lateness, here's a special wristie from two days ago PANERAI + Ferrari
  7. Almost every fact in that article is wrong, and so is the terminology. It's crazy that it hasn't been edited yet. Usually Wiki nerds wouldn't let that kind of intellectual travesty slide - the must be very busy
  8. Wait until they start writing peer-reviewed journal articles
  9. Entirely possible, but not with the little baby engraving machine you showed. YouTube 'Hublot factory' and see what the factories themselves use, to give you an idea. When you have the machine, you need a gen case and Solidworks ($5K US) to draw a case with measurements you get using a vernier caliper. You'd need to deconstruct the entire watch. Then you'd need a converter to machine code, then a converter to G-code, trust me, it's a pain in the ass.
  10. I thought from the picture that it was just a GMT function, but what they've integrated is a perpetual calendar as well, along with the bezel function selection, which is pretty smooth and very clever. Love the idea, don't like the look or the execution. The fluted bezel has never done it for me. A pic of the watch, for those too lazy to click on the link:
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