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  1. amazing! looking forward for 1665 dr and flake 9401
  2. But it IS kinda 'repped' Now c'mon and make a very, very nice rep of it and I'll gonna get it!
  3. it has happy feet I would take that auto moonie over day version, closely enough to 'original' handwind
  4. I wouldn't expect anything more from that project. What could be done - the new speedmaster date could be repped - not difficult with a7753
  5. amazing watch.. It has brandless dial, so the crown and the back should rid off hbb markings and it will become ultimate gen homage!
  6. holy sh*t, then how's that watch in left is so BLAAAACK oh yea, thats Marketing shot ok, living and learning, thanks for clearing it
  7. the black is amazing, definetly on 'must buy' list
  8. beautiful watch with nice reliable movement, biggest flaw - this is a fantasy version, as the gen is PVD and that is a stainless steel version
  9. That bezel is a real WINNER sir very nice and solid built soxa And imho that bezel + 6309 vintage case soxa would be better than the gen! (almost)
  10. that one is mechanical hand wind, powered with seagull st-19 (or Venus 175, don't know difference)
  11. I also don't get, why THEY don't release moonie with a7750 narrow subdial. They can get make right PO chrono, they can modify a7750 to be manual wind (some pam models), so they can sum it up and make a perfect moonie
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