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  1. I have a vintage Prince oysterdate that’s a 34mm and I’m curious if a dial from a 34mm Rolex will fit on the Tudor minus the feet of course? Thx
  2. New cordovan strap today❤️ And on the wrist
  3. Feeling my franken PreA today after strapping on my black A series XL strap
  4. Any 6538 dials yet? If you do a 6538 dial 4line with a red depth I would be giddy for one!!! this is my 6538 I want to add the dial to
  5. This is my vdb 6154 I've had for many years below in pics in varying bezels. I still need to find the proper bezel with a less sharp angle. I think the 2 piece bezel Athaya sells is probably going to be the closest to the correct shape but the one on it now, "the taller one" hasn't bothered me that much so... One day I'll get around to it.? As for the case.,, Stephan "VDB" really did the best lugs I've seen anyone replicate to the gen look. I think there was also another 6154 case years ago that was similar that was done by Oyang but a few others more recently have managed to mod Athaya's 6154 case to get decent lugs that remind me of these but it takes some talent. The 6154 is a tough nut to crack, it's hard to nail all the subtle beauty the gen holds. I think it can be done with the right combo of modded current available parts if motivated. So unless a VDB or Oyang 6154 midcase pops up for sale the best bet is a properly modded Athaya 6154 case with the right lug profile mod and shallow 2piece bezel. That along with Athaya's best 8mm Brevet crown and tube and skinny solid caseback and shallow domed plexi crystal "like the one seen in my pics below" would be the best building blocks to get a solid 6154 case build. Ive seen a few case modders get the Athaya case to the right lug shape so it's really about finding the right lug whisperer out there...
  6. I knew one day dials would be made this way... Great job!!!
  7. If you sell, i will jump as high as it takes... I really like the titanium one...., this is my friends gen I've been playing with..:)
  8. I actually just ran into a set of oem pam127 / pam217 hands i forgot i had. All Gold as always
  9. Yes it started out life as a VDB build way way way back in the day but I did many modifications to it over the years and sure didn't look like this when I got it or have any of the gen parts but good Eye seeing it was one of his early builds Wan
  10. Well I think I'm finished with this one I just wanted to show it off a bit
  11. Nikeyzips is great as well as MD2020 i hear but so far NZ has always done top notch work. As for the swiss eta 7750......Its fine to do and all but if you just have your asian 7750 cleaned and serviced it will run like a champ for ever. The pam104 has no chrono function so they will not ever mess up on you. Its your call but if you search the post why the asian 7750 is a great mvmnt if cleaned oiled and serviced first you will see my point. as far as the watchsmith....Both options im sure will do a top notch job. Wan
  12. which seller did you source this version that fits the bracelet? Also, does it have the nickel plated rotor that says cartier? Thanks, W
  13. Someone is making these black nylon compass straps with a GPF buckle but i cant remember who it is?? Anyone know????
  14. My brother is in Seoul for the next week and said he would go to a watch market while he's there if i can tell him where he can find one or what the name of the area one might be? Thanks, W My brother's next stop is Tokyo Japan if anyone knows of a watch market there that would be great also? For his last stop being Beijing which should have some great markets, im hoping to send him to the very best sellers there which i used to know the contacts for but hope to find again? Thanks for any help with Seoul, and Tokyo? If anyone can direct me to a link posted about Beijing's best watch dealers to see in person also that would be fantastic....... Thanks so much, Wan
  15. Davidsen DSN, sells a good looking version of the Blancpain fifty fathoms FF28 and im really thinking of buying one to relic and make it look its proper age. does anyone know what movement came in the genuine FF28? Also, is the 41mm case size the proper size? does anyone know if BP ever made a FF that came in a jumbo 47 to 54mm case? The reason i ask is, i thought i saw a post a while back that looked like a fifty fathoms that looked the size of a Big Egi..........I have to concede that what i may have seen was a tiny arm man wearing the regular 41mm BP FF28 but my mind remembers it as a huge 47 to 54mm case sized watch. I still absolutely love the 41mm sized FF28. I think it will make a great project watch. Here is the link to the watch at DSN's page- () If anyone has an example of this or any of the other FF's please post some pics.........Cheers, Wan
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