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  1. leider kein echtes tudor Zifferblatt,viel zu teuer. Bought it Last Year from highoeyazmuhudee
  2. here two examples of my cheap builds with this hands...
  3. Hi, i have used these Snowflake Polished for ETA http://www.motorcitywatchworks.com/handseta.html. they are not bad and reasonable price.
  4. Hi, for fantasy build, you can put 29mm dial from raffletimes in JMB 1016 case http://www.rafflestime.com/servlet/the-1079/Vintage-Tudor-Ranger-Prince/Detail
  5. Justin aka member JMB can do this. Saluti
  6. Hi fitch, really nice build. you inspired me to try to fade my insert to thanks man
  7. Congrats, one of the finest vintage rolex.
  8. Ok, thank you very much. mystere
  9. Hi, thanks. I bought this as gen, and no longer need it. Want to be sure its gen before i put it on sale. Here some pics with lume. i think its tritium to, or maybe only old luminova? It dos not glow bright and long. What do you think? thanks mystere
  10. Hi members, need help. Is this insert gen? pearl is little cream and dos not glow like superluminova. thanks mystere
  11. Yes, several emails to ingod and mq about 5513 case, no response. so i bought the case from yuki.
  12. two rollies with gen dial, tudor not really a franken but nice sub to.
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