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  1. Is there good side pic of the 111J case? Is the bezel finally rounded edge more like OEM?
  2. Why would they use this movement in the 360, a closed back PAM, the bridge shape is completely wrong.
  3. Gotta ask, given that this is a rep, why bother blacking out the FAKE serial numbers
  4. Wow, looks like they finaly got the PVD finish right. Any AR on the crystal?
  5. I'd say for $100 you got a pretty good deal. Case looks like it could be used for a nice build. Bezel is a little high for later series, but may be right for earlier ones. By the way, the CG just needs flipping , and it will be a satisfactory, not great, A-F CG.... Of course if you still feel like it's a POS, I'll take it off your hands locally
  6. Cheap rep PAM use just C3, which is wrong. C1/C3 mix is right.
  7. Shouldn't the title be "Canadian Landmarks"?
  8. Sounds like you've got some inside info Perhaps this is the non-ultimate release?
  9. Oh well, looks like Little Hero has nothin to worry about. And the uncharged lume looks too green. Of course may just be the pictures.
  10. Well instead of CG lever sticking up over the top, it is now sunken The "2" still looks too short. It may be the pictures, but is the coat de whatever finish on the movement any finer? I guess the pricing will make a diff .... if their really cheap.
  11. Great review. Is that the fake croc, or the gen croc option?
  12. Just a thought, maybe if I put a sheet of watch paper over the dial, then thin plastic/mylar on top of that???
  13. You've got Incabloc, but not Novodiac, for types of shock systems. Also forgot 6497-2 EDIT: But then again this thread is four years old
  14. Do they all have Swiss/ETA and Asian, or just Asian?
  15. Is the Microset solution used to attach the decal, remove it, or both? Can anything else be used, or does it have to be MicroSet?
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