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  1. well... i think you should stay with KW. I have the full coilovers (v3 i think) and some other stuff in my car, and it is astonishing on the track (with the correct setting) and not to extreme on the road (mexican roads really really suck) i
  2. damn those watches have great casebacks
  3. Well its actually cheaper that here in MX... here, it gets close to 60k so.... really really out of the league. Great car indeed. Your car with some kw coilovers and your good to go!
  4. get the exhaust and a shorter s/c pulley.... pumping 700 hp naaa just kidding.. btw. that volvo its a great base for tuning. Here in Mx, we have the focus St and RS that have the same chasis and engine as that volvo "t5" one of my friends have an ST with a gt35rs turbo, and god he has torque...
  5. i love the gt500... Any mods planned on this? you love convertibles right? jeje
  6. Hey A. the crown issue is really simple. In the little bag where the bracelet was there
  7. hehe thats great. Seat is exactly the same as vw. My car is a gti with another shell, that
  8. well i think not haha... but let me show you my turbo lag I have less or the same lag as with the oem turbo. so.... instant boost
  9. woa... thats a bigg [censored] bike look at the size of the rear brake!!!
  10. Igualmente mi estimado! Dentro de unos meses estar
  11. cp-e performance does the trick with that baby. 400hp
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