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  1. boncovi

    Anyone has the "Big Blue"

    Looking to see some real life pics - Now they're making a rep, I want to know how accurate (or how bad) it is. Not cheap for a rep but I like it!
  2. I just received this from a known TD - I noticed the thick font inside the dial (GAS ESCAPE VALVE) - I double checked if it was ideed a Noob V7, which the seller confirmed. The watch just arrived today and as I keep looking at it and the photos from multiple TD websites, my font seems to be super-thick (look at the letter A's, the triangle is almost filled). So is this the most updated version(?!?!) or I have a bad copy for $418?
  3. boncovi

    QC Pics. Mind taking a look?

    That's correct. Blue rubber strap with deployant
  4. boncovi

    QC Pics. Mind taking a look?

    It's the 2014 JF version.. The deployant I ordered is the polished chrome JF version.. Here you go;
  5. boncovi

    QC Pics. Mind taking a look?

    The deployant is the JF version actually, to fit the newer straps..
  6. Getting the RO Royal Navy. I just received the QC pics. It looks OK to me but a few extra eyes wouldn't hurt Thank you
  7. Happy Birthday boncovi!

  8. I stopped by the AD this weekend and noticed that the B01 comes in a bigger size, which is called Chronomat GMT (Not GMT 44). Regular B01 is 44mm so the new GMT is 47mm. Anyone has seen a rep of this yet? I'd be seriously interested!
  9. And here comes the watch: Different color though.
  10. This became a challenge for myself too. I've been all over the internet trying to find this thing. Geez... Somebody please know this thing
  11. Right on! Thank you, however big disappointment that it's a diesel I really need the second one, looks like it has rivets around the bezel like Pam submersible, interior looks like hamilton or glashutte. I'm confused
  12. Ok, I got two watches that needs identification. I really like the look of the second one, but have no idea what it is. Here we go; First: Second:
  13. has not set their status

  14. boncovi

    New addition... Into The BLUE!

    very nice photohraphy! although a $10,000 camera can't take amazing pictures alone, may i ask what is your setup?