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  1. Appreciate some input. So I got this tribuna ommagio cause I wanted a PVD radiomir case, 2533 dial, and to pair it with light strap. The stem came out ( and I can't get it to stay in) and I noticed the dial is showing some wear from being kept at the beach house. (The lettering is lame but NOBODY notices, they only appreciate the cool PVD case etc). So can you refer me to someone who can supply and/or install a 2533 dial (preferably with good lume)? And maybe fix the stem too? Thanks ! Pics attached Sent from Tapatalk while procrastinating
  2. WatchDoc6

    Breitling Superocean 42 Abyss Yellow

    Porn. Total Watch Porn. Jomashop has the gen listed for 1700 today.
  3. WatchDoc6

    Got rid of the sticky ball - My 2 in 1 tool

    what was the final word on this in terms of price?
  4. WatchDoc6

    V2 and V3 Skyland differences

    Know it's been up for a while, but thanks for taking the time on this.