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  1. WSO is ...? Edit: Ah, got it. Edit 2: WSO doesn't have 357, 257 or 57 ...
  2. I got a folded Yuki bracelet with the wrong end links, should've been 357. Who else than Yuki has ok end links? I've seen DW and some other names mentioned in earlier threads, but where do I find these sellers? Thanks.
  3. Unlike most, I prefer the 6238 to the Daytona. But who has a good / the best rep? White or silver dial, preferably.
  4. Thanks guys. Yes, I will of course keep the original dial, though I doubt I'll be selling the watch. The original is a red no-date Air-King dial. I'm not a big fan of the red, and I suspect it was the red dial that scared off other buyers (I got it at an auction for $900). Yuki might have what I need after all, it turns out. And yes, it's a 1520 movement so the 1002 dial won't be correct, you're right.
  5. I've got a gen Oyster Perpetual Air-King, and it needs a new dial. So I'm looking for no-date dial like Air-King 5500 or Oyster Perpetual ref. 1002 etc. Not the most popular dial among rep makers, so if anyone knows anyone who's got them, please speak up! Thanks. (I am of course searching for a gen dial too, but that'll take a while.)
  6. I have sourced a Lemania 1873 movement. I'd like to make a Daytona/Carrera like chronograph with this movement (even though they didn't use the Lemania back in the days). Where can I get a case and dial to fit this movement? Any suggestions? My ideal solution would be the Daytona case with a sterile, pre-Daytona like dial. Pretty much like this, without the R***x logo: Or, I could go with a gen Universal Geneve dial, something like this with black/grey instead of gold: Does anyone make 1873 dials these days? Or do I have to source a gen?
  7. Yes, I know that now. I am very pleased with the Yuki bracelet, fits perfectly to the 6426. The clasp is a bit too tight / doesn't move as freely as on my gen bracelet, but that's ok to live with.
  8. To conclude: I tried three different aftermarket bracelets from eBay - one of them made to fit vintage Air-King, the other two were for modern-day Oyster case - and the Yuki 19mm Daytona. The Yuki was the better fit by far! The vintage one from eBay was also OK. They modern day ones were terrible. And it's no coincidence: Originally, the ref. 6426 had a 78350 bracelet with 557 end links, and the Yuki Daytona is excactly that. (On Yuki's page 571 links are pictured, but I got 557.) PS: The end links don't line up perfectly with the lugs, as discussed above, but I guess they're not supposed to, then.
  9. Well, most of the Rolexes I see, don't have end links that line up. So I have no idea what's correct. Could this be what one bracelet seller on eBay referred to as «different end links on pre-70s Rolex watches»? That they used to line up, but don't anymore?
  10. Here are a few examples from eBay on end links that do line up. I've always just assumed they were supposed to line up like this. Ref. 6427 with 60 end links (I would guess the same case as my 6426): Ref 6426 with 357 end links: Ref 6426 with 361 end links:
  11. Hm, I don't know, it just seemed logic, given the shape of the end links and the shape of the lugs. Anyway, I will shortly have four different bracelets and end links to test (various eBay and Yuki), and I'll just choose the one that fits and looks best. I'll update with pictures when I can.
  12. I have asked Watch International if they can help. I have also ordered a bracelet from Yuki: http://www.yukiwatch.com/catalog/item/6784664/8017259.htm - it's said to be for "old style Daytona" and has 557 end links, which is what I need, according to the chart in original post. I will see if that's a better fit. Yuki also has this: http://www.yukiwatch.com/catalog/item/6784664/10098473.htm - it's a bit expensive, but the 357 end links actually look a bit longer than usual, no? Might be what I need. Hm.
  13. So I have a gen 6426 Oyster Precision from 1959 that's gonna be a gift. I need proper end links. I've tried some from eBay that supposedly fit Air King 1500, but they're too short, notice the gap in the picture. Then I noticed an eBay seller with bracelets for sale pointing out his bracelets wouldn't fit pre-70s watches as the end links were different. So, this watch being from 1959, is that the case? Where can I get aftermarket parts that doesn't have this gap? I googled some, and some say go with 57 or 60 end links on 7205 bracelet, others 557 end links on 78350 bracelet for the ref. 6426. The latter seems to be correct according to this chart, thought I don't know when this is from: http://img-2013.tapatalk.com/d/13/09/11/baryhe9e.jpg I don't really care about what's historically correct, I just want a nice Oyster bracelet and end links without this gap. Suggestions? Looking at the 60 end links here, they look a lot longer and gap less. But I'd prefer an aftermarket version: http://anonym.to?http://www.rolexforums.com/showthread.php?t=366883
  14. Is that the 39mm version to the right? I got a 1:1 15400 from Angus now, and it's too big for my wrist. I need the 39mm. What's the best 39mm version?
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