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  1. I had triple bypass (GABG x 3) at 56 after having a heart attack in my driveway. I exercised a lot, ate well, and lead a healthy life. Can't avoid crappy genetics. My yearly physicals were always good. Sometimes it happens. Not the end of the world
  2. He would probably have to go in to the retail store, have the watchmaker look at it. If they bought it, he salesman gets a finds fee
  3. Tourneau is owned by an investment bank. Their sole plan is making money. They hire unqualified staff and don't pay them well, hence turnover is high. Staff is mostly not well educated. Bes guess is the offer was not binding until the "watchmaker" looked at it. Sales guy was looking for a commission,thats all
  4. Looking for caseback screws for Chanel J 12..lost two when changing battery...Asked several dealers but never got a response ..any body have any laying around??
  5. bigw

    p90 x

    I have seen people perform some of those exercises as well as those from Crossfit with poor form. Poor form will always lead to some type of injury. I agree it is best to seek the services of a competent trainer, if not for the long term, for enough time to learn what is correct for you and what isn't. Injuries while not always permanent lead to setbacks and frustration. Ask others who have had a trainer and have had results who they recommend. Thats how I get almost all my clients. I specialize in designing progrmas for people with limitations. I get a lot of referrals from PT's MD's and Chiros
  6. bigw


    Try Glasses Unlimited
  7. For a good inexpensive and fresh chinese meal try any of the Ollis locations ,,,here's one, there are others midtown 2957 Broadway New York, NY 10025-7802 (212) 932-3300 For the greatest burgers (7 oz),,look up any of the Jacskson Hole burger joints. If you care to venture north (Harlem) yes harlem,,try Dinosaur BBQ,,just make sure you can catch a cab back downtown OOn 9th avenue,is a place called Old SanJan...great Puerto Rican food,,stick to your ribs. If you havent made reservations, I usually stay in Weehawken and take the ferry over. Better views of NY from NJ than from the window of the hotel with buildings all around you
  8. I completely disagree with the above statement....And really,,so do you,,,If it all comes down to intake vs expenditure,,why can't you eat before you go to bed??,,If you're lifting any kind of weights you need to eat before you sleep to let the muscles repair themselves, Why can't you lose weight using the bowflex, You said 30 minutes on the bowflex doesn't expend calories?????I say it does...especially if you circuit train. I have been a CSCS for the last 16 years training everyone from moms and dads to elite level athletes and some competative bodybuilders...The best results I have ever seen come from the following.....Create a caloric defecit,,,,eat every three hours you are awake,,hungry or not,,never eat a carb by itself and lastly drink your bodyweight in water!!!
  9. Get a gym membership...The inherent problem with any piece of equipment you buy for the home is adaptation. The more you use it, the better you get at it, The better you get at it, the less energy you burn. The less energy you burn, the less fat you lose.....
  10. I make fat people skinny,,,Certified PErsonal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  11. bigw

    p90 x

    I am a strength and conditioning specialist and I can say the P90X program works. it is not easy. it works because it keeps you moving and the workouts varyso the body never really adapts. if you've been sedentary for a while start off slow
  12. I bought a Fortis rep on one of those China sites,,It's quartz but the chrono works well and it looks ok
  13. I have a quartz rep fortis chrono,,,runs great and it's become my daily beater..Got it on one of those CN sites..$100 shipped
  14. The website is beltal..Others here have discussed haveing good results with the dealers there,,Like DHGate they hold escrow (which can be useless)..I wonder if our dealers can be persuaded to look for these (several of their sellers had these in various forms)...However,,,,I do appreciate the heads up,,thanx
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