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  1. Any input on these Kuvarsit V3 dials, from the local experts?
  2. Nice. And you don't have to remove your rings when you wash it
  3. Niqlndym


    Who is machining the case to fit the movement?
  4. So, just to be clear: The pictures in post #8 above are of a genuine 360, which is owned by your dealer. The factory will attempt to replicate this, and will have samples ready in about a month. Correct?
  5. True...Just means that you'd never want to activate the chrono on a Daytona!
  6. Build a movement out of a solid block of metal. I've found it to be humbling
  7. To borrow another picture from Francisco, here is the complete transfer train, from 9 to 6, on the Portu. The first wheel is not visible, because it is under the plate, and the last wheel was missing from the first photo, but is show below.
  8. Sure Mike, The transfer gears of the Daytona and Portu movemements are actually quite different. I'll use a couple of borrowed pictures to illustrate. Here are the gears of the Daytona (thin top plate has been removed, to reveal the transfer gears sitting on the bottom plate). And here is the same view on the Portu movement. As you can see, there are quite a few less gears on the Portu, which equates to less drag on the movement.
  9. Note that this was a tear-down of the Daytona movement, which has a different configuration from the Portu movement.
  10. Man, that's a nice dial! There's really no comparison with DSN, is there?
  11. What is actually required to sell on this board? Does the member need to have his/her own section? It seems that there are several "unofficial" vendors who do regular business, while there are other cases of people being banned for self-promotion.
  12. Both look pretty gen. Pick whichever metal you like.
  13. Just lift up on the bezel on that side, so it matches the crystal. Problem solved!
  14. Neither look too dark to me: Anyway, it's lighter than Pre-A PVD (and Davidsen's 360 is too dark). Paneristi picture of 360 DLC vs. 009 PVD
  15. Too bad...Since the gen 360 is much lighter!
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