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  1. Hello,

    I’ve read you manuf silver DWO’s. Are you still making these and are they available for purchase? 

    I’d like to upgrade the DWO on my 1680. 


  2. can you post the link. Checking out the seller is as important as the pics. These reps are so good its bloody hard to tell if pics aren't perfect Cheers p.
  3. Happy Birthday polexpete!

  4. Great work Rolo, this is one of the hardest reps to get 'right' and you've done a splendid job. C'mon guys give the man some credos, i built two of these so i know how hard they are to do .. Great pics too ! Thanks for sharing P.
  5. I take photos for a living and i reckon you nailed it .. really nice pics of a fantastic watch .. P.
  6. Well yes of course that is obvious but martijip in his post above said "I had the same, they stole my whole collection a year or 3 back. Didn't get my watches back but I had a very good insurance" Doesn't say if they were all reps or gens but as this is a rep forum you would think he had some reps in there. Maybe you just have to [censored] the insurance company in the first place ... Cheers P.
  7. Yeah sorry to hear that too, that's an awful thing to happen. But how do you insure an expensive rep or an even more expensive franken ? What information do insurance companies require to insure your watches ? Cheers P.
  8. Happy Birthday polexpete!

  9. Here's a link ... http://www.rwgforum.net/topic/150843-fs-gen-eta-2893-2-gmt-with-flat-3-dwo-and-gen-crown/?hl=%2Bdatewheel#entry1153413 I have just moved to Australia so don't have the pics on hand right now but here is a 2893-2 gmt movement i sold a while back with the date wheel under the GMT gear. I have a 1675 on my wrist with the same set up Cheers P.
  10. Just been reading this interesting post. You can have the datewheel overlay run under the GMT gear by taking off the numbers and paint on the 2893 datewheel. This gives you enough clearance so you don't have to shave the dial. Cheers P.
  11. Ivory on Ivory, hope you got a CITES certificate for that Nice watch Cheers P.
  12. Hi Nanuq, Absolutely but this wasn't ment as a sales thread just wanted to guage interest whilst waiting for my VIP status to be upgrade. I since posted in the sales forum with all the required info. Apologies for any confusion Thanks ! P.
  13. Good my friend, thanks ... hope you well too P.
  14. Kind of, waiting on Admin to upgrade my status so i can list it ... but still a tough one to sell so i'm putting the feelers out Cheers P.
  15. Hi all, just wanted to post some pics of my Phong cased Tudor 9411 snowflake as its winter ..... btw this is also for sale so pm if you interested Thanks for looking P.
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