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  1. Hi guys, im new to the AP and just got me a AP ROO black themes but the DWO is black background with white font i know that is not right as per gen, is there a special font if I switch it to the white background? Or can I just use a normal A7750 date wheel? Thanks
  2. I had purchased a strap and buckle for my panerai from member "nwolf1716", its been more than 2 weeks now that they claimed they shipped it but I still have not received it and its domestic US it shouldnt take that long to get to me, told me it was sent first class USPS but no tracking, communication with this member is bad and claims its due to the holiday but still.. what can I do at this point? Thank you.
  3. Will you still need a spacer ring to use this movement?
  4. I tried to build one myself but never had time to do it, i have a gen case and crown for a lady dj with a 18k white gold fluted bezel let me know if you are interested i might part with them.
  5. Looking for 2671 spacer that would fit a gen ladies datejust rolex 26mm 69173. Thanks
  6. Found a 25mm dj rep will that work?
  7. I would like to build a ladies or midsize rolex, i found a gen 19.80mm dial and it should fit a 26mm rolex case, is there a rolex rep with that size exist? Thanks
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