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  1. robbie888

    3714 Strap Query

    take a look at ziczac leather on the net, high quality, fair price.
  2. robbie888

    Just bought a nice Ingenieur Chrono :)

    No it's franken, with gen dial, hands and movement, case and crystal are rep. Better to invest in a good rep of your favourite watch imho.
  3. robbie888

    Just bought a nice Ingenieur Chrono :)

    One of my favourite watches, good luck with yours!
  4. robbie888

    Top gun 44mm strap

    I have the Rios 1931 Albatros for my TG double chrono, measures as the original, only a bit too shiny. The best i have found so far. I found the strap from The Watch Boys not so good, good solid "kevlar" but too thin at the sides.
  5. robbie888

    Seawolf which one?

    The first one seems to be the V1, and will not be in stock for sure.
  6. robbie888


    sure, a iwc 3717 with swiss 7750 for GBP 92.- The movement alone is worth 3 times the watch value. I want 10, no 500 and start a new life as rep watch dealer.
  7. robbie888

    What's going on?

    Toro still had the swiss eta version a few days ago. Just PM him. GL.
  8. robbie888

    Sunday Wristies

  9. robbie888

    Monday Wrist-top-olis

    Ingy today:
  10. robbie888

    If you could only have one Breitling rep

    Bananawolf, all the way!
  11. robbie888

    Yellow Avenger Seawolf

    word is they will start making these again soon, hope it's just as good as this version
  12. robbie888

    IWC Top Gun Ceramic 3789 46mm Doppel Chronograph

    gen croq strap instead of nylon-keval look strap.
  13. robbie888

    New Pilots from IWC

    So what's new: a BP with a TG second hand? Different color or size? Big deal. Come on IWC, give your designers some space!