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  1. himy friend i bought it from a member at Repgeek forum so no idea where he bought it from...the gold is great with no fading at all but i have hardly wore it anyways..if you want it it's yours but i cant ship before august 22 because i am on vacation..you can paypal the amount if you want it and i will ship on 22/8..let me know

  2. Hi

    Is the TT sub still available?

    Also: What sub (noob or MBK) is this? How is the gold and who did you order it from?

    I am interested if it is still available

    Best regards


  3. prestige watch company

  4. he is a reputable dealer

  5. May I ask, what does PWC stand for?

  6. michalis6

    gmt II

    hi guys Having bought many pam reps i am now ready to buy a rolex gmtII with pepsi bezel. It could be the new model or the vintage 1675. Who has the most accurate rep right now? thanks in advance
  7. michalis6

    Two Tone Subamriner...

    Fake for sure
  8. michalis6


    same here..where is he?
  9. michalis6

    Finally The Best Rep Fiddy In The World!

    At least it is the closest to the gen available today
  10. michalis6

    Finally The Best Rep Fiddy In The World!

    NOP sold my previous one same mods, much worst engraving, 581 case
  11. michalis6

    Finally The Best Rep Fiddy In The World!

    Well I dont really think the strap is a piece of art, but I did leave the edges unfinished on purpose. Looks vintage that way Bad part is that the glue is visible if you check carefully. But who cares? It was just my first try. It took me an hour to finish it. Thanks for your good comments!!
  12. After a lot of searching, buying and upgrading different fiddies, I can now say that I own the ultimate rep fiddy available today. I had a chance to compare it to a genuine pam217 yesterday and all I can tell you is that I would never spend 10000 on a genuine even if I was a millionaire. My fiddy looks and feels exactly like the real thing. Bought from Ed two months ago features the newest swiss mvt with swan neck and perfect engraving. It was sent to Finepics for reluming, service, cannon fix and Davidsen's hands and crystal install. Mark also replaced a missing jwellery on my mvt. The watch rocks, I dont think it gets any better (well maybe it does, at least I dont care anymore!). I am a happy man! Enjoy the pics!!!! The strap is my first attempt in strap-making (I really dont know if I like it or not, just bought some leather, glue and knifes and I made it Last pic is on OEM gen strap. Opinions are welcome! A big thanks to Mark for his excellent job and to Ed and Davidsen as well!
  13. michalis6

    Iwc Ingenieur

    Well, I have been reading posts for a while around here but I just realised this is my first post! I am an active member at other forums too. I am glad I am part of this special group and just wanted to mention that.
  14. michalis6

    Iwc Ingenieur

    Hi folks I am recently looking at the IWC ingenieur and i really think I like this model. I had the chance to try on a gen one yesterday and i loved it My questions: How many generations of them do we currently have? How accurate the rep ingenieur is? Should i buy one or just wait for a next version? Thanks in advance