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  1. Hey RWG, There's a formal occasion coming out (just formal, no black/white tie specified) and I was wondering which watch (rep or gen) to purchase to display an aptitude for watch prowess. The only problem is, about three people out of the few hundred or so will actually know the truly high end brand names (IWC, Piguet for example) and still believe that a Rolex (although OK) is some sort of godlike watch that will slice bread, do the laundry and shows not only you have status but are a 'refined' (lol) man. So, for this what watch do you think I should get? The budget is ~ $5K but I don't honestly want to spend anywhere near that much tbh on a watch that has to impress a group of randoms that will only be seen (hopefully) once (the suit, pants should be chipped in more imo). The thing is that they must be impressed immediately upon sighting the watch. A pre-owned reverso ultra-thin looks nice to me; but I'm not too sure. Anyone with real-field experience that can shed some light into this matter? EDIT: Nothing with any sort of gold please. It seems tacky to me. EDIT2: To give an indicator of the group consider this: Currently the most impressive watch known to me is 'apparently' a gunmetal bvlgari (gen) (I dunno which model) which was ~$1200.