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  1. I haven't see that around anywhere...Not my preference though!
  2. I can relate--Most all of mine do...just a matter of how loud.
  3. Regardless, It is a very handsome watch!
  4. I had one, sold it, but yes they are FANTASTIC!!
  5. I like the reps as they come--Except the straps. Put anice high end strap on it and don't look back
  6. Get a fantasy watch, they are the most fun! IMHO!!
  7. I have not seen one around--Sorry!
  8. They have come a long way with this one!!
  9. Silex is a good one to try. Heck, I get two on the Bay a few years ago that were not marked RADO--except in the pics of the listed watch. Sure enough they came with full Rado logos and markings. Pretty odd but maybe something to try.
  10. Do your homework and ALWAYS buy from a trusted dealer.
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