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  1. Great story & even greater clock & watch. I still remember when they were for sale new. You might appreciate this -- https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/bulova-clock-pan-am-airline-public-1859408540
  2. If it only glows under blacklight, I stand corrected.
  3. Vanishingly few 60 year old watches glow like that. But, otherwise, nicely done.
  4. Macro shots of some of my watches, assuming they were not mine & I was ignorant of their histories, would leave me unconvinced, but definitely scratching my head. So I would expect similar reactions from other collectors. That is not to say that there are not more astute collectors than anyone here -- there certainly are. But pics of some of my watches have, inadvertently (ie., by people finding them on google & reposting them), made their way to a number of gen sites without public concern. So you just never know..
  5. The DRSD is a modified aftermarket dial. It has been seen (& fooled) many a gen vintage Rolex collector. The 2 GMTs are -- a repainted gen 6542 dial plate (white) & a repainted ETA plate (black), both by Kirk Rich --which used to be (1 of 2) official Rolex dial refinishers (maybe still are, but I am not sure now). Since I have been AWOL for the past few years & you do not know me, I will add to Sogeha's comments by adding that I've been collecting since the mid-80s, am an amateur watchsmith (mostly of vintage Rolex), was a founding member of Timezone (pre-2k) & had a close relative who was a master watchmaker with Rolex before he went indy. Oh & I welcome constructive & respectful criticism. Finally, there are multiple threads detailing the histories of all of these watches that you may still be able to find using RWG's search (though I believe some of the thread links got discombobulated in the search index during 1 of the previous site upgrades, so they may require some extra effort to locate). (the 'Graph (left) is gen & the 2nd pic depicts the gen 1036GMT movement & parts that went into the white GMT)
  6. Only because I had this unopened, pre-2000 rep sitting here on my desk when I came across your post --
  7. I think you are right about that target price. Between the dead-end that computer watches have become, the decreasing value of the dollar (causing investors to trade dollars for investment grade collectibles) & the increasing demand (especially among the uber wealthy tech set) for vintage Rolex, especially Daytonas, I suspect that the final hammer price may surprise even the generally jaded vintage Rolex markets. I think most of the billionaire classes got the message early this year that governments are now targeting them like a fog of hungry mosquitoes pursuing juicy picnic'rs.
  8. Industry executives say soaring global wealth, driven by stocks and crypto, along with a proliferation of online watch collector and information sites have spawned a whole new generation of young collectors buying and selling watches online. Social media has also powered sales, as more collectors like to flash their Swiss status symbols on Instagram and TikTok. Luxury watch shortage drives growth of $20 billion secondhand market as start-ups rush to cash in
  9. A 1968 Rolex Daytona With a Rare “John Player Special” Dial Is Headed to Auction for the First Time
  10. Good point. Some quartz watches have very useful functions that are just not possible with analog. If you are skiing, I can see how having a timepiece that is also a warning device would be very useful. My Pingo has a depth gage and limited (diving) computer alarms/functions, making it much more practical when diving than just a reliable timekeeper like the Submariner.
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