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  1. Photobucket Fix

    I just added this (the 3rd such Firefox 'photobucket fix' add-on, but the old pic I just added in today's wristies is still displaying with the photobucket placeholder instead of the pic.
  2. Photobucket Fix

    Apparently, there are a number of these 'photobucket fixes' (here is another 1) & they are being touted on other sites (as recently as Monday) as working, but, so far, none are working for me.
  3. Photobucket Fix

    Unfortunately, this looks like a dead end. I just copy/pasted a link from photobucket to the wristies thread & got the same missing pic placemarker. Oh well...............
  4. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Wearing my 116509 today, but this is more of a test of a photobucket fix than a wristie
  5. Photobucket Fix

    'We're sorry, but we can't find what you're looking for. The page or file you requested wasn't found on our site. It's possible that you clicked a link that's out of date, or typed in the address incorrectly.' Looks like the page has been removed. Can you post the exact name or title of the addon & I will see if I can locate another copy elsewhere? Update - you may be on to something. I think I just found the same thing at another location & it seems to work, at least on the 3 old rwg pages I have tested so far. Install this for Firefox.
  6. 5512/13 Dome Options...

    I think Clarks are generally the best generic crystals. If you want substantially better than that, go gen.
  7. Narrowing the Gap

  8. Narrowing the Gap

    Incoming bezel heading for my 116520 (original rep bezel on left, gen on right)
  9. A Case in Point

    For some reason, Nanuq's posts often give me a warm fuzzy feeling.
  10. A Case in Point

    Unless things have changed recently, I believe it is still standard Rolex SA policy to replace damaged/worn or out-of-spec parts with new parts during a standard overhaul. & this is generally a requirement, not an option. They do this because it is the only way they can guarantee the watch's proper function & specs, which is a prerequisite to their accepting a watch for service in the 1st place. Rolex's policy, which for all but a few RSCs in the EU, has been carved in stone for decades & the reason why so many gen owners, especially owners of vintage watches, so often choose to take their watches to independent watchmakers, who allow them to pick & choose which parts they replace or not. Remember, unlike companies like Mercedes-Benz or Patek Philippe, who service pretty much anything they ever made, Rolex SA is not in the (vintage) watch restoring business; they are in the (new) watch selling business. As for not wanting to notice, it has been Rolex SA's policy since at least the 1980s to verify each watch accepted for service by serial number & to use that serial number to verify the format of the watch. That is, they know what dial, crystal, band, crown, etc, the watch left the factory with. Certainly, in the case of vintage watches &/or those non-critical components that Rolex themselves no longer manufacture or have available, they will not reject a watch that arrives (as mine did) with, for example, an aftermarket bezel insert. Knowing that, I made a point of informing the watchmaker of the aftermarket insert in an effort to see if Rolex could replace it with the correct part (knowing they would require such a swap if the part were available). Unfortunately, as I was well aware, TOG inserts have been extinct for decades & if Rolex had any, they were reserved for clients with VIP status. So, I think, all in all, since the rest of the watch was genuine, Rolex had no reason to suspect anything. Now, had there been an aftermarket crown, crystal or caseback, I expect I would be telling a much different story (ie., the story of RSC rejection that is typical for most frankens).
  11. A Case in Point

    For the past few years, I have had timing issues with my assembled-from-gen-parts TOG, the cause of which I have been unable to locate. Everything appeared copacetic. So, recently, out of frustration, I decided to throw caution to the wind & let Rolex take a shot at it, even though, in spite of the numerous reports of gen owners having their gen watch rejected by an RSC because it contains an aftermarket crystal or other non-critical part, I fully expected them to detect the non-stock formation of parts & reject the watch. Almost shockingly, not only did they accept the watch for repair, but the watchmaker that performed the work on the watch phoned to let me know that repairs had been successfully completed & made a point of complimenting me on the watch's overall condition. Because this is a major RSC, I think this both compliments the watch & demonstrates that even Rolex themselves cannot always identify a vintage franken from its oem counterpart.
  12. 5508 dials

    It has been a few years since I last purchased a new manufacture dial, but, from what I have seen in recent posts, MQ still appears to be the top dog. Just make sure you receive pics of the watch you will receive & check it carefully before he ships. This is my 5508 reference -