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  1. Sorry to hear the sad news. As for sourcing the watch in question, try here or here or here.
  2. RWG's original draw was the sheer amount of engineering/watchsmithing knowledge & talent that tended to coalesce here. There were numerous technical breakthroughs that could only have occurred here due to the braintrust that was literally drawn to RWG in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, after management made the decision to initiate games & then seemed to turn a blind eye to new members (including some mods) who were systematically post-padding to get their post counts up, many of the original crew felt disenfranchised & left. Not sure what you do about that, but you cannot fix a problem until/unless you 1st acknowledge it.
  3. Were those Tudors purchased on their own merit (ie, because you wanted them) or to placate the AD & be permitted onto The List? The reason I ask is because there may soon be a class action suit brought against those who participated in this type of 'business'.
  4. How long was the wait & did you have to jump through any hoops (eg, purchasing other watches/jewelry to be permitted admittance to THE LIST)?
  5. Most of my experience is with vintage pre-1990 (16xx) Datejusts, which used the 24-600, so take this with a grain of salt -- I believe the later 5-digit Datejusts (eg, the 16200) need the later 24-603. As I recall, the differences lie in each crowns' inner (stem) tube assembly. The 600 contained a screw-in (ie, removeable) inner tube assembly (if interested, you can search out my thread detailing an inner tube transplant from a 600 Twinlock to a Brevet crown) & had a slightly larger diameter, while the inner tube on the 603 was slightly narrower & was NOT removeable. That said, I believe the case-side case tube threading -- where the case tube screws into the side of the case -- is the same for both case tubes. The only difference should be the diameter of the opening inside the case tube through which the crown's inner tube assembly fits through. As long as you have the correct (matching) case tube for your crown, either crown/tube should fit the 16200. But, again, as I do not work on many 5-digit Datejusts, I cannot guarantee fitment of the 603 to your case without replacing the case tube. So, unless someone else knows for certain or you are able to purchase a 600 with return privileges, I would suggest searching for the correct 24-603 to avoid problems or having to replace the case tube.
  6. "Increasingly, there’s a considerable risk involved in wearing a Daytona or a bejeweled Royal Oak, which is why many languish in private vaults. “A lot of my friends and clients here (Monaco) take off their jewelry and put it in a safe before they fly to London,” he says. “These days there are very few places in the world where you can show off your wealth if you want to. It’s basically here and in the Middle East.”" -- Robb Report, Sept 2023
  7. In my experience, no owner of a gen 65xx Sub would wear (or admit to wearing) a rep/franken. These guys just wear a modern Sub or something else. It is sort of like expecting guys with rare Ferraris to be driving around town in Pontiac Fiero 'Ferrari' conversions. Not saying it did not happen, but none of the rare gen watch (or car) owners I know would ever do it.
  8. Correct, but with an asterisk. As I recall, vintage Rolex crystals were made for them by GS, but these were manufactured to Rolex specifications, which differed from GS' standard lines.
  9. Based on this pic, I assume you were able to assemble a working balance. Does it balance properly on your poising tool? If it does & you get the collet/spring reassembled without incident, you should be well on your way back to ticking heaven.
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