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  1. One of the better documentaries is called When we were Kings.Well worth the time.
  2. Must share a great story.When I was seven my father had a business meeting at the Omni hotel in Atlanta.This was the early 70s and my father at the time was know for his quick temper and take no crap attitude.His co workers approached him in the lobby saying there was a guy at the bar talking junk and in need of a lesson.My dad went in with bad intentions and and there was Ali in all his glory.His co workers were all cracking up.I still have his autograph from that day.It is signed to little champ..............Sad day.
  3. Last one......Datograph up/down?
  4. Very nice! Congrats,love the color of that grey.
  5. Wow, that looks great!Good color for the lume.
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