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  1. UPDATE: Have found out date changes with the time ticking over at midnight, so i can adjust the date by hand by winding the watch forward a full day. However when i pull the crown to position 2 it just spins freely. position 1 and 3 work as they should do. Could this maybe be a simple fix rather than a full movement change?
  2. Well i wouldn't mind giving it a go. I do not have any tools currently, what would i need and how much would i be looking at spending on tools? Would a POrikaa sell for parts well? (in the above described condition)
  3. Hi folks, my POrikaa 42mm i bought a few years ago (following recommendations on here as my first rep) has developed an issue with a broken datewheel. Date no longer changes, nor can it be adjusted with the crown. Still ticks thoug.. just cant bring myself to wear it with the date knackered as it is I'm assuming the solution is a new movement? Its only a cheapy rep (cost £75 or so at the time) but i cant afford just to dump and replace it. I'm assuming the movement is a DG2813: Is a straight movement replacement and datewheel swap easy to do? (bare in mind that i am a total newb and haven't so much as even taken the case back off a watch, but am not technically inept.) If so what tools would i need, what would be the cheapest place to get them and would the DG2813 movement sold @ Cousins (im in the UK) fit the bill as i have read a few issues with different cannon pin heights.
  4. you need to 'like' lacrosse playground first: http://www.facebook.com/LacrossePlayground then 'Like' AND comment on the design: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fphoto.php%3Ffbid%3D476628612394%26set%3Dpu.40830472394%26theater&h=38fbd I think we are currently winning but there are 5 days left on the competition and its only by a slim margin, anyone and everyone if you could it would be grand!
  5. Guys as you know i am fairly new to the community (just got my first rep from Narikaa thanks to you guys! pics coming to a wristie thread near you soon!) I don't expect your help but if you could it would be amazing. Basically i have entered a design competition for my lacrosse team in the UK to win a full set of Uniforms (worth around $1500 to us) We have reached the final 4 in the competition and now there is a week of voting on facebook to determine the winner from "Likes" and comments. if you have facebook and can spare 20 seconds, can you LIKE AND COMMENT (it counts as 2 votes) on this design: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=476628612394&set=pu.40830472394&theater You may need to 'like' lacrosse playground to be able to like the design: http://www.facebook.com/LacrossePlayground Please help us out! if this isnt allowed mods im really sorry, just really want to win the competition! cheers guys!
  6. Hello Beautiful! I prefer the all Black but this is purty! I will be able to afford one one day!
  7. To be fair, if you have paid for the watch this is surely part and parcel of the service to be expected. Especially if seen as a "reccomended" dealer on forums such as these which surely brings lots of business.... And at the end of the day it saves a hell of a lot more hastle with having to recieve returns = happier customers = return purchaces in most cases. am i wrong?
  8. Am i right in saying parts are only interchangable if you get the swiss movement version rather than the DG? Im still on the fence trying to justify buying one!
  9. Are they the same PO 42 that Josh has? He undercuts Josh by $10?
  10. i may give this a sidestep then!
  11. Worth a punt for a beginner with watches? Amazon link *clicky* £4 (~$6.50) i dunno if they would be any good?
  12. A mask and snorkel? I'll get my coat.
  13. I read the portuguese have problems with dodgy chronos, is that right?
  14. That is nice! A portuguese it's def on my list, still not sure on dial color yet though!
  15. Im looking at getting some shirts from Jentzen for work/casual wear as i need some new ones. Ordering online. is there anything you guys would recommend when ordering online from Jentzen? requests, style, extras, allowances with measurements etc? i was looking at some plain shirts with a monogram maybe on the cuff?
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