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  1. Fantasy GMT Master 1675 exclamation mark dial

    +100 very nice work!
  2. Decals print dials

    That is really really nice Bart.
  3. There was a several year long thread at RG....they mailed each other a gaytona..that watch went all over the planet. If you received the watch you had to post a pic of yourself wearing it in public.
  4. Anyone got a gold 5513 ?

    The ad says "Custom" 5513. It has to be aftermarket or plated gen case.
  5. My Explorer 6610

    Nice job! What is a flea market 6694?
  6. Anyone got a gold 5513 ?

    And the bracelet.....
  7. Anyone got a gold 5513 ?

    I cant imagine what a gold 5513 or 1680 case set would cost.
  8. Sept 22 wrist shots

    This one was dead for awhile.. but jmb brought her back..now with proper bracelet.