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  1. @TheSociety, thanks , This is not a dial of Spinmaster, Spin did not produce dials, but it is/was.....a modder of David (DW) , at the time of" his times gold DW", selling cases,bezel, dial, etc for a very perfect 6263 (from 2008 to 2013) then ........., very probably this was the last batch for the production of the 6263 gold, it recognizes because he expanded the diameter profile of 3 subconuter , given that assembled a 7750 , and he wanted to have gaps of 3 sub equal as if had a V72 @paristoto thanks for feed
  2. Exact , this is the first prototype of DW did in 2007 (NEVER SALE), that of paristoto is the first bacth of DW
  3. Janeto, do you had forget in your list the cost of PHONG MK 4 6263 bezel that the cost is $ 450....
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