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  1. Let me start the weekend off with this chrono for Friday Rugged Saturday Relaxed Sunday
  2. LOL! How was I to know I was going to get this Dial. But now the hunt begins. Yours is looking amazing, btw.
  3. To do list ...... case................... t.Crown............... V CG..................
  4. Here we go. I need more criticism like this. I want it to be a good copy, so please keep it coming.
  5. Well, A few weeks ago, a very nice member (you know who you are) sent me a package with this dial, I then took a JF case, a DSN Xtal sans AR, a Palp Crown, a nice CG (which still needs work), and an ETA 6497, and this is what I ended up with. I also had an old 201a caseback from EL to boot, but since im not too versed on PAMs as some of our esteemed members, please tell me whats wrong with this. Thanks in advance. Here she is on a GeF Homage Strap Heres a few dial close ups and some more......... All comments are welcomed
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