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  1. Starting the month of Sept with this:
  2. Waiting for that bubble to pop.
  3. Just back from spa and likely rocking this for the whole weekend: Thanks brother Al!
  4. That’s a very nice-looking patina. If you consider parting with this, pls let me know. Thanks.
  5. Back from RA after a midcase/CG reshape:
  6. bump for this thread: Has any members here changed the rep tube for a gen tube (for the 6mm twinlock crown) onto the old 1655 case? If yes, was it a simple swap or is re-tapping required to ensure a better seal on the gen tube and the case? Appreciate any assistance and advice on this. Thank you!
  7. very interesting read kbh..thanks for the link!
  8. any comparisons between the Angus DW and yours? would you do it in blue?
  9. Cos in the pictures, they are in sync?
  10. Noob question but should the chrono hand and secs@6 be running in sync?
  11. wow..very nice insert...have been searching for one for the longest time...
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