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  1. Looks quite nice mate!!!
  2. That’s a very nice one mate!!! btw you got a tattoo of Maradona’s face on your wrist ain’t it?
  3. Looks nice, just that low crown position is an easy tell to those who know
  4. Hi everyone how are you all doing? Hope all is well with everyone out here. Well I'm visiting Hong Kong for the first time and I was wondering if there are anyone from there or even some who have visited it. I was hoping I could get some tips from you guys. Things like where to eat, shop, drink, have fun and anything cool to do. I would really appreciate if you guys can share some tips. Of course if there is any place to check and buy watches I'd also love to know. thanks a lot in advance have a great one you all
  5. What case you used for the Tudor? Looks like the crown position is quite low.
  6. I wish these MBW case would have the right crown position, too low for what they cost
  7. Looks great, too bad all the MBW's have a low crown position.
  8. Looks great, just a very low crown position
  9. It's gen, it's just pretty beat up and the springbars are probably aftermarket
  10. Ueno


    Hi all, anyone out here is from Japan? Cheers
  11. When did they star putting the date on the dial next to perpetual?
  12. I don't think it's a MBK case because the crown position seems to be high on this case here, all the MBK case don't have high position crown, they are all wrong and low.
  13. Ueno

    Rolex 1675

    Can you guys tell if the dial on this watch is authentic? I would really appreciate it
  14. Loose one... No doubt It's so obvious
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