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  1. I believe that a lot of the SM300’s that come up on EBay are these Vietnam cased watches. They are gen spec and they all have Omega movements. They are pretty hard to tell from the genuine unless you are pretty darn knowledgeable about the vintage SM 300’s. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. @Robtb, please do not include personal information in your posts. That includes Name, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses. Use the PM system to contact other members. You may include as much information as you desire in PM’s, not in regular posts. This is for your own protection, as we have no control over who visits our forum. Most are good folks, but some may well be scammers and con artists as well. Thanks
  3. Just scanning thru EBay, sure seems like a good quality of high end Doxas, dials, bezels etc on EBay right now. Be very cautious, especially with parts. Bezels had very subtle design changes over the years. From the top, they all look identical, but from the bottom you can see the changes. Also beware of dials that have been “enhanced” with the Aqualung logo as well as the yellow dial Divemasters with the Poseidon logo added. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Another EBay scammer!! Unfortunately, someone will not heed the warning signs and get scammed. Money gone, no watch either.
  5. Since he is asking 17,706 ( weird number) on Chrono24 I would bet that he wasn’t selling at 12-13k. But, you maybe right could be the buyer thought it was 1200 not 12000!!
  6. Just noticed the BL has been relisted. It’s also for sale on Chrono24. Asking price is 17706.00 USD. I suppose the reserve was not met on the first listing. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. You all do know that the Black Lung along with a few others are being sold by Mr. Doxa himself Rick Marai. Rick recently stepped down as the head of Doxa SA. Since Doxa is a privately held company owned by the Jenny family,there is no information as to why there was a management change. Rick was responsible for resurrecting the Doxa dive watches. Which while having great success in the late 1960’s,1970’s and early 1980’s, by the late 1980’s had ceased production. Under Rick’s leadership the modern Sub 300t was introduced in 2001 and the rest is history. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. Must not have made the reserve as it was relisted. Sorry my bad, it was the reissue Black Lung that was relisted. Also the “sketchy” one is still hanging around. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Read this and WEEP!! US Divers catalog from 1971 Look at those Prices! Take note of the Black dial watch n the center the one with the “ No Radiations” symbol. That folks is a Blancpain AquaLung . Retail price 95.00 $ No Black Lungs here as they were from around 1967 but I would bet they were actually a few dollars cheaper. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I will absolutely say this, a few weeks or a month ago, Cartier was not a tiny blip on my radar. In fact, I looked at a Cartier sort of like a Tiffany watch, in other words watches produced by jewelry companies, not pure watch companies. Now, I know that historically this is incorrect, in fact Cartier stands as one of the first if not the first true wristwatch. Now, a confession.For the past year plus, I have been wearing an Apple Watch, first a 4 and now a 5. I wear one for several reasons, but mainly because of all the features. I’m in my 7th decade. I am very active and work a lot outside
  11. I believe you are correct. I reported a Cartier that was on EBay for the ridiculously low starting price of 250.00 USD. It sold for 600.00 USD , and then appeared as a relisting a day later. It later sold again for 631.00 USD. Obviously the first buyer figured out it was a fake. It is obviously fake, numbers were all wrong, build quality bad and of course the usual "I got this watch as a gift, no box or papers" !! This is the usual scam along with blurry slightly out of focus photos. Took forever to figure out how to report it directly, finally went to the EBay community forum and got help the
  12. @belle Nikita First off welcome to RWG. I believe that while it is a much quieter forum with not as much activity going on, it is a great place for information. We have a lot of folks here who are really, really knowledgeable about watches. If you are in to vintage watches or highly modded watches, this is the place!! We are a very congenial group, and most members will gladly share their information and knowledge with new members.
  13. You are right, I bought a few things from him and he replaced the incorrect hands on a Tudor Snowflake w/ the correct hands. It wasn't very long after that that he got into trouble. I was surprised as well, like I'm sure the folks over on Australia felt when this guy that everyone thought was a straight shooter turned out to be a scammer. I believe that this fellow and Steve M had something in common, they both got into financial trouble and tried to scam their way out of it.
  14. Sounds like a guy on TRF and VRF a few years ago. Steve Mulholland. He sold a lot of watches over the years, then got into financial trouble and scammed a bunch of folks out of a whole lot of money. Not a rep scam, but a scam right along. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. WOW!! This thread has more activity than most lately. JollyRoger, it sounds like you have and interesting life and you could be a asset to our community. Your interests are similar to most here AFA watches.
  16. I’m sorry if you think we are ganging up on you. However both Legend and I are moderators and we weighed in (at least I did) because you posted a WTB in a discussion forum. Of all the forums, I feel that we are the most “ noob friendly”and I believe that you will find that the vast majority of members here are very helpful and want to help new members have a positive experience. Having said that anyone can have a bad day. Sometimes we get the feeling that what we are doing to help is not appreciated, and we get a little short. Hopefully, going forward you will have a positive experience her
  17. @Legend , so true!! They don’t read the rules,break the rules then get their parties in a wad when they get called out.
  18. Nothing wrong with the 200. This is basically the entry level Doxa dive watch.ETA 2824 nice dial, hands and the new version of the old beads of rice bracelet. Not quite the historic “cachet” of the 300’s but never the less, still a very nice watch. there have been other earlier versions of the 200, back during the Syncron and Aubrey eras, back in the day. I believe that at one time it was offered in a quartz version.
  19. That’s really interesting. Funny that Vargas was involved with this project.for several years I was very involved with the Doxa forum on WatchUseek.at that time Vargas was the USA guy for Doxa. I found him to be a pompous ass who reveled in loudly letting everyone know about his huge collection of every valuable dive watch known to man, his illustrious Military career and all his connections to people in power. He and I got into a pretty heated argument over my old pre 300 Doxa.he claimed it was a fake, because he had never seen one and his claim was Doxa’s first entry into the dive watch busi
  20. I would be very, very leery of any new or almost new genuine watch that didn’t have all the boxes, warranty cards, etc. so from my standpoint, I would immediately eliminate all that lack “papers”. Then I would really scrutinize the rest. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. I think this is a refinished dial, very skillfully done but not perfect. Another thing, the overall condition of the hands and dial look too “new” to me. I never had a 300, but I’ve had at least one of practically every model the 300T and everyone had a serial number, plus all of mine were obviously used as tool dive watches and had a helluva lot more dings and dents!! Definitely a Doxa, but I would bet that the case back is not original and the dial has been refinished. Like you said, who ships a 15K Watch by USPS Priority Mail. Definitely cannot get full insurance. This one definitely sends
  22. FYI : WTB posts only in the sales section and only VIP members and higher are allowed to post. Because you are new, I’m going to let this one stay open. Going forward please read the rules for buying and selling. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Just got thus one. And this one coming back from a crystal replacement and age appropriate aging Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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