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    Making babies and i LOVE long legs and BIG tits on the woman!!!

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  1. Great watch, congrates If you like tag check out this movie, movie is great and you can even spot eric bana's tag a few times Enjoy
  2. +1 wso bezel assembly's are floppy and NOT good they are realy bad!!! For my 1675 builds the gary clark was the best!
  3. Love/Hate is realy good, also underbelly is very good!!! Im with D, i also recomand this [censored]
  4. Now what the hell is a cristal die? A pic would be nice
  5. Mr T... I got lost right after surface hahhahaha Hope the OP gets it
  6. Check with JJ (rolexaddict) if he can sqize you in.
  7. Uuhh, thats shits!!! Maybe the retainer ring is glued toghter? Who is the modder? Maybe he can help you?
  8. If you do this, be sure to also cover the backside of the creditcard, becuse the card is stamped and if you dont cover the stamped digets on the back they can read the hole creditcard nr. I have done this on another webshop NOT on this one, so i dont know if they are legit! But people dont think about the backside of the card thats way i just wanted to warn you about that
  9. I [censored] in my pants first time i saw that episode. hahahahah 16 Tjeckoslovakians....
  10. Im soon getting 580endlinks from devil so next pics will be on folded bracelet from yuki. In meen time @E Where did you source that black dial?
  11. Ooohhh my god Mike!!! This is what LIFE is all about!!!
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