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  1. in your review "Getting inside the J12 Full Ceramic" thereare no any pictures now. Can you refresh it? Thank you

  2. So I have a V3 (I believe) skyland that just stopped entirely. I sent it to China with a family member who got it fixed cheap in a shop, but it came back behaving very oddly. I noticed it gained minutes a day (40 or so). I tried demagnetizing it (not sure I did that right) and it didn't seem to help. Then one day it held time just fine all day and overnight... then it went back to being really fast again. I tried a bunch of things like not screwing down the crown all the way or running the chrono etc but nothing helped. Then I realized it seemed to keep better time while I was at work at a desk. So I tested it dial up and over an hour (Against my iphone stopwatch) it kept to within a second. But crown up or down it gained almost 2 minutes in an hour. I assume the answer is going to be full service but just wanted to see if anyone has any ideas or suggestions? At the cost of a servcie of a 7750 it seems I would be better off buying another watch or looking to replace the movement. Thanks!
  3. I have always felt that the gen world is largely about bragging rights... sometimes silent bragging, but bragging al the same. A few watches and a few people I can believe really merit a lot of value in their function and appreciation of said fnciton. But most of thje haters I suspect hate becasue they bought luxury watches to join an exclusive club... only aftger paying their entrance fee they look out the window and see next door some schmoe who paid a $5 cover to get into a bar with almost the same quality chairs drinks and food... they feel ripped off but admitting it means admitting they were willing to pay for prestige, not value of product. Since it's a hard thing to admit to yourself you are shallow, it's far easier to hate on otehrs for making you feel that way and realize you are the one making you feel that way.
  4. Wow you hav eeagle eyes... I would not have noticed those... Iam coming t oyou for help with QC pics in the future!
  5. its on trustys site now... anyone got more insite on this? im about to spring for a skyland and wondering if its worth paying extra for this one...
  6. whats the word on closer dial upo chronos? are they better than the previous version?
  7. I seem to recall that swiss ETAs were hit and miss in that they might be actual swiss ETA but they might be old and abused swiss ETA... honestly I have always felt if the chinese movement was reasonably reliable, it's the better option because at least it's almost certainly new. Sure it might be a little dirtly or not that well put together, but it's almost certainly not ripped out of some old beater watch just to get an ETA...
  8. Can't decide on dial color... black is sharp but grey looks so good too...
  9. oh nice! well loos like im ordering next week then!
  10. so the biggest issue with skylands is lume dots? everything else on th front is pretty accurate right? are any of the dial colors obviously off.
  11. Thinking about one of these and wondering which way to go... kind if small wrists so thinking skyland... in terms of quality and accuracy is there a big diff between the current ones available? i know there are lume dot placement concerns on the skyland... or is that a thing o the past?
  12. silix and angus both show ss... are they just not updating there stores? not a kevlar fan
  13. well sell to me then at least you can know you relieved someone elses regret :] but seriously when you guys say old ss ingy no longer availabe i see them at a few dealers... am i missing something?
  14. Thanks but I was thinking more which dealer has good ones... or are they all the same? I see silix has the AMG on sale for 170 right now which is tempting however no AR...
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