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  1. Hey fellas, This is purely out of curiosity than anything. The same dealer ive been going to for several years now and has been ultra quick and good to deal with, suddenly became half annoying to deal with. Taking forever to reply to emails and dragging his heels on getting me watches etc.. I know things are messed up all over but, this is becoming a bit much. Anyone else having issues like this ? Maybe i need to start dealing with someone else.
  2. LOL so im not the only one getting newbie awards for a year of membership on my I think 12th year or something, maybe longer lol
  3. Beauty build ! I love those ! I built one a few years back and loved it !
  4. Who are these contacts you mention for cases etc ? I’ve never heard of either before, but in saying that I’ve also not been on the forums much in the past year or so. 😅
  5. I get what you’re saying and I’m with you 100% on that point of view, however it’s just as easy to spoon feed the simple answer as it was to shoot it down. Noob questions are annoying, especially when they are frequent, but also some of these fellas or ladies could be new and unaware of the forum etiquette and just tossing out these questions with then the regret after when they realize certain form is expected. lol I know this all too well as I was one of those asking silly repetitive questions that were likely answered a million times, but getting answered and learning by those answers is what got me into being interested in this hobby. 🤷🏼‍♂️ either way I was picking at you lol just felt like it was a simple question to answer.
  6. I know this is an old post but i feel like an answer was easier than to ridicule over the 1:1 thing..... The best of recent years is the Noob V4 as a start. Some will argue that its not even close, but for an OTB its pretty good, however if you can find a Marlin 111 then that will be hands down the closest you will get without going with a franken. As the fellas said above, there is no such thing as 1:1, but these two i mentioned are a good representation of the original.
  7. Me too, the only thing I've ever heard referred to as lollipop is the seconds hand of the early SUB 6538, 6536.
  8. I’m in the middle of a 2 year long quest to build a 1655. I have everything now and the movement now doesn’t fit in my phong case lol the retainer grove needs to be teamed out a fraction of a MM to get it to fit. but I also have one of those cArtel cases and they are very good when massaged a bit. thanks for posting your findings. There is a lack of showing what people have done for builds these days to one cut cost and maintain accuracy.
  9. Couldn’t agree more ! I love my double red build. Likely a watch I’ll keep for a while. @nanuq thanks again for the pointers on the CG shape 😎🤘🏼
  10. Nice build man ! I just finished mine a few days ago as well.
  11. Hey lads! Have a few questions for the gurus here on the 16520s. I’m about to finish up by 1665 build and move onto something else, ive started a 16520 build, just bought a NOS 3019. I know they changed some stuff from the 3019 to the rebranded 400 that the Rolex movement is based on, but not sure if any of it will inhibit the use of the 3019. what components would one need to convert it fully to work in a 16520 build. the 3019 and 400 have a date function, so I assume the base plates are different with the 400 and the 4030 movement. Can the 3019 or 400 be used straight up into the case or need changes first to make it work. this is only my preliminary work on it, collecting the parts etc... I plan to build it over the next few months, but I want it to be right. Next big obstacle will be the dial 😅 the gens have taken off big time 😅
  12. That is an incredible watch !!! ive seen his work and ive yet to be disapointed with it. @Nanuq wow !! thats a freaking stunning watch ! thank you for the detailed photos, its making me see through the photos and things you have all mentioned an idea of what needs to change on my case. I apreciate the help everyone! thank you !
  13. @thorne Awesome ! i see what you are saying now. nice way of explaining it. Once i get the case ill have a look and maybe ask some questions if you dont mind. Cheers fellas!!! Anyone else who feels thy want to chime in on info for the shaping it could also become a good resource post eventually.
  14. When i get home in a few weeks, ill have to snap a few shots of the case and compare thoughts on it. Ive spent a lot of money on this build lol so i want it to be as correct as humanly possible. The case shaping bit i have not done much of since the days of reshaping Pre V panerai cases lol
  15. nice one @Tribal! nice build! however Im looking for a dome moreso than the flat top. @thorne awesome man !! thank you for the insight on the crown guard. yea its a vietnam case so i suspect ill have to do a bit of reshaping on the lugs and the CGs. when you say "Lugs will need reshaping too, the upper edge of the lugs should slope down from the crown towards the tips as below." are you referring to the area i have with the green or the red, case lugs or crown guard lugs ? I notice the top of the vietnam case has the guards very chunky and rounded much like the ceramic subs.
  16. Hey fellas, looking to get some opinions here on a crystal for my 1665 build. Bascically im looking for the dome that doesnt look like a top hat. I have found a few genuine units, but they are service crystals and it appears they are the top hat look, tall an flatish, i dont like that. what are the options out there ? clark ? is there a certian gen i should be looking at for that low domed look that you see most DRSDs with ? also been hunting for a while for a side shot of the CGs on these DRSDs and its hard to get them from the bottom or side on to get the profile. I also searched for reshaping tips on the vietnam cases and cant really find anything. Id send it out for re shaping but im good with doing it myself, plus im too excited to get this built.
  17. Ouch she’s never usually like that. I ordered last week and it’s at my house already Via DHL 😅
  18. Think I got her last 1665 that she had in stock 😅 I’ll possibly have an MBW case that’s been reshaped and slightly aged. It already has a 1570 in it, so it’s gen spec. I ordered Ruby’s 1665 case and I’ll decide when I get home in a few weeks what case I’ll use.
  19. Or you could always buy one that’s already built 😎
  20. Yep his looks like early 70’s that’s why I want it 😅 it’s pretty accurate to gen from that era. I was going to do the 1575/gmt quickey to build mine, but ended up with the actual GMT version of the movement for the final build, using gen hands and MQ frog feet dial.
  21. Nice ! It’s a damn fine build. I love the 1655 i finished my build about a month ago. But your bezel is quite a bit nicer than the phong one I have.
  22. I don’t know but it’s damn nice ! Have any more ? Lol
  23. Thanks for the insight ! I have looked at it a few times and thought about taking my time to grind it out by hand with a small bit. Maybe ill try it again when i get home. Ive just been so busy and want this together so bad at this point lol I already have knife edge screws for the movement as that is what they used in all of the vintage rolexes anyways. This is literally a ball hair off from fitting at this point.
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