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  1. what you drive?

    Always have dug yours! One of these has always been on my list too. And uncle of mine had one when I was a kid. In the winter, I’d detach the window defrost tube and put it under my jacket. Instant roaring heat! The prices on these have gone nuts. And the shady D90 USA importer guy who got busted really really ruined the chances of getting one or any other model into the US easily
  2. what you drive?

    Thanks By-Tor! Had this for more than a decade and once in a stupid while I think about selling it. But then I look at it, I drive it, and the old girl catches my heart again.
  3. what you drive?

    Yes!!!! So few cars these days seem to retain that kind of substantive elegance.
  4. what you drive?

    I’ve been seeeing a few of the benzes here in LA, and I gotta say, dang do they look great in person!! I like the 8 as well. I’m very familiar with the old E31 before going backwards, way backwards, to Air Cooled
  5. what you drive?

    Yep! Agreed. The door is closing quickly. I (mostly) daily drive my ‘84. It’s a pain in traffic but the smiles it has given me for 6 years or so has been worth it. The gauges matched my old Lava AP nicely!
  6. what you drive?

    Lol!!! Related sidenote: The E-Type is on my list to own before I leave this planet!
  7. what you drive?

    Droool! I’ve been a 911 daily guy for years but the F type is incredible
  8. what you drive?

    By-Tor, I agree that it is a beauty! A friend has one he got last year. It’s white which is not my favorite color but it’s really nice looking regardless.
  9. Gen wristies

    My only Quartz, late 90s issued Marathon Nav. Stupidly sold off a steel nav years ago... and stupidly kept this one instead lol! Tritium doesn't glow much anymore
  10. Something from our newest dealer

    Nice! Been temped for a few years now to pick up one of his blancpains and also one of the 2 Benrus military watches
  11. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Why did I sell mine?? Great daily, sir!
  12. GMT-I aftermarket non-mag crystals

    That's interesting news about Clarks. I have actually had a crystal sanded years ago but the big caveat is that the crystal profile is nothing like the high domed T-38. The watch looks drastically different with the dope shape versus the flat sharp edge 116.