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  1. What a delight to see, Ubi!
  2. Happy Birthday!!! Kampai brother!!
  3. Never had any issues with DHL! Love the fast delivery times.
  4. The one on the right found its way onto my wrist today. I didn't put up a fight, I let it slide up onto my wrist sans struggle [emoji317] Cool original early 60s Navitimer strap, too. Makes it look like an AOPA advertisement poster model
  5. The one with the rubber strap today
  6. Looks nice. One big thing I've noticed with vintage reps versus genuine vintage Rolex are the edges of the lugs... Reps have sharp as hell edges on the lugs. No vintage piece ever does unless it's totally NOS unworn.
  7. Wearing it but wish I could find a replacement crown stem for the Mystery V23 DW Copy Mov't
  8. Excellent choice! Coming from a maniac watch collector, the 997 has perfect proportions! It's amazing how it can be used daily, trunk space, rear seats in a pinch (or for kids)... It's the perfect daily driver. And yes, the saying is somewhat of a cliché but life is toooo short to drive a boring car [emoji4] It won't be your last (or only) 911! Cheers ol' pal The old Lava matched the gauges!
  9. Welcome to the club, Ubi! [emoji41]