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  1. Thank you gents! Much appreciated. I’m hoping the aftermarket 18k bracelet color is the same as oem 16808, 16618 etc It’s quite difficult finding info out about aftermarket 18k parts. Definitely interesting minutiae to study, for us old members!
  2. I’m curious to know if anyone has a source for aftermarket solid 18k Oyster bracelets. The proverbial and elusive Italian ones, etc. There is next to nothing out there in my searching.
  3. Yes Ubi, my E31 is black as well. No doubt it is torture keeping them clean! Keeping them in my garage helps though for sure. The 911 has had a recent full windows/trim/insulation out respray. It wasn’t what I wanted to do initially but when in Rome, so to speak. I’ve spent 6+ yrs restoring/improving/modding every last bit with the car. There’s nothing left to do but drive it like a bat out of hell. The organic nature of no power steering, no computer assist of any sort, no power brakes etc make the car very much behave like a wild horse. If you’re good to it, it will reward you beyond your wildest dreams. If you’re not, it will throw you clear off its saddle in a heartbeat. There’s nothing like it & it’s incredibly addictive to drive. Hope to pick up a daily 997 or 991 similar and as lovely as yours. I’ve been casually searching. I would opt for pretty much exactly what you’ve elected to do: keep it simple. I guess my ideal contemporary would be the 991 Carrera T Cheers my brother, happy open roads!
  4. Nice stance! I went thru a few setups on my 911. Took me a while to get it just right. Happy burning rubber trails!
  5. Superlative 1960s Sunset GMT time
  6. Like-minded (but of course). Cheers
  7. Truly awesome. Best view in the house!
  8. Sidenote: I regret letting go of my Lello Ingenieur.
  9. Makes me regret letting go of my MBW steel V. 1.0 Aquanaut. Still fun tho!
  10. It’s been a blast already but now more fun looming up ahead!
  11. AJ, Must’ve been fun! I love my aircooled flat 6! For me it’s so much more fun driving a slow car fast than a fast car slow!
  12. That’s awesome, thanks for sharing the link! Yes, that is the same Subaru engine I’ve seen in a few 356 cars in SoCal. It’s a neat reliable and easy to install engine for such a tiny car.
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