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  1. Nice dial! My DW needs one like it
  2. [mention=52726]docthor[/mention], it's not a B12 but it has a louvered Alpina hood installed. A few years ago we had a few made but I think only 2 (maybe 3) of them actually made it out into the wild. Then the fabricator vanished. The hood louvers and Naca duct are fully functional. Speaking of Jags... Those Jaeger and also those Smiths cluster gauges drive me wild!!! Makes sense for a watch guy!
  3. Proud BMW 8 owner here since 2007 :-) If anyone is serious about picking one up, please contact me offline, I have owned 3 of them and still have this one since mid-2007. I will NEVER sell this one!!! I know a lot about restoring them and am a veteran member of the E31 Carclub Still hunting for a Jag!!! It's next one fine day!!
  4. This watch has been modded! The seconds hand was swapped for a propeller from a Piper J-3 Cub... True aviator form haha!!!