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  1. Great project, I'm glade the dial worked for you. This reminds me I still have some Omega parts I was going to use a long time ago.
  2. tonibari

    vintage full custom destro cortebert pam

    Sweet work as always flavor flav
  3. tonibari

    I'am a little bummed

    Thank you for the heads up SSSurfer, I checked Ioffer and decided against it. I might be in luck though a member on another board sold me his. No it is just the waiting game until I have the 192 in my hand or better yet on my wrist. Also, I just saw the Radiomir Black Seal Ceramic PAM00292, when they start repping this one it will be my next buy.
  4. tonibari


    Looks great, once I'm done moving I'll have to sent you my SMP chrono for some re-lume love. Toni
  5. tonibari

    The Official Swedish Thread

    Wow, just came across this thread by accident. So I'm German, married to a Swede, we live on the West Coast and are in the process of moving to the East Coast. Almost forgot to mention, we just bought a house in Sweden in which my father in law now resides. So it is time for me to learn Swedish so I can read all the things you said in the rest of the thread. Peace, Toni
  6. tonibari

    I'am a little bummed

    I took a look at the 253 and the 212, and they are pretty nice, but I think I liked the 192 for the dial breakup with the sub dials and the blue hands. Also, the color of the titanium with the SS bezel looked different. I also like the 172, but then this Pam is the same concept as the 192. Now I'm wondering are the any more Pams in Titanium with blue hands?
  7. tonibari

    We might just have a new concept

    That would be my wife in her younger years. Still not really sure how I pulled that one off
  8. tonibari

    I'am a little bummed

    A member in another forum sold some of his watch collection a few days ago and he was selling a Panerai 192. I had never seen the 192 before and think this is one of the best Panerai out there. The sub dials break the whole face up nicely and the blue hands give the watch a certain mystic. Also the play of the titanium and polished SS looks terrific, especially on the metal band. I'm really more of an OMEGA guy, but have been looking more and more at the Panerais. They have a certain je ne sai quoi, but in an ugly duckling kinda way. Even my wife, who always tells me that the Pams look to simple to liked the look of the 192. The info on the 192 in the forum showed some minor flaws and that there were two versions one in titanium (the earlier version) and the one in SS. To make a long story short the watch was sold before I could make an offer. So I looked around at all our dealers and the dealers at some of the other forums. No one carries the watch anymore and what I have read the watch is out of production. I'm actually surprised that the watch is out of production. So I e-mailed a few of the dealers, still no luck.
  9. tonibari

    We might just have a new concept

    Just went to the board statistics main page, what am I locking for?
  10. Great Job, as always your watches look sweet. Toni
  11. Let's see pics of the fiddy
  12. tonibari

    Weekend Wrist check

    Still deciding between this one or this one will see when I leave the house
  13. tonibari

    New-week wrist check.

    I'll be wearing my new one:
  14. tonibari

    Question for SMP 2541.80 quartz

    Thank you for the quick response, I thought there might be issues with the fit in the rep case. I'll stay a way from this project for a while.
  15. tonibari

    Question for SMP 2541.80 quartz

    I understand that part, but what about the quartz movement? Are they ETA based and if yes, which one is the omega equivalent?