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  1. Thansk for the kind words. ile - the dial hands were these: http://www.yukiwatch.com/catalog/item/6960394/7061069.htm
  2. Well, I finally got this sorted - decided to give up on the 15000 case and use a (more correct) 5500 instead! The final ingredients were as follows: - Gen 5500 Case / Back / Bezel - Gen Crown / Tube - Gen Tropic 12 Crystal - Swiss ETA 2824 Movement (with unknown rotor) - Yuki 5500 Explorer dial (with feet removed) - Yuki ETA Hands - Raffles Time No. 2 Movement Ring + some RolexAddict Magic Big thanks to JJ for finally sorting this out for me - he did the tricky bits + patiently talked me through a couple of teething troubles. Top bloke. The look and feel of this is absolutely spot on. At last I have a vintage sport rollie that I can comfortably wear with a cuff shirt! The 2824 movement could probably use a service at some point in the future, but I'm just enjoying wearing this at last! Anyhow, enough blabber, on with the pics:
  3. This worked for me too! Having probs with my 1675 GMT hand (asian ETA clone movement), but tried this trick and all OK (so far at least...)
  4. Thanks for the suggestions - I'll have a look in my 'bracelet box' and see what alternatives it has to offer...
  5. Funny you should say that seafoam. Just had a 5514 comex tweaked by RA and that has Yuki pearl / Gen Crown and they definately lift it...
  6. Cool,- thanks for the replies. Dial print quality is actually very crisp (its just a bit out of focus in that 1st pic) - I'll try to get a better photo at the w/e.
  7. Apologies for the weird html tags - dunno what happened there... [edit - seem to have removed them now!]
  8. Hi All Below are some pics of my MBW 5513 submariner project - its getting there, but I'm not sure about the dial... The recipe is as follows: - MBW base watch - Clarks tudor sub hands - Clarks t19 crystal - Clarks bezel assembly - Yuki spring bars - WSO bezel insert (sanded and flushed following these pictures - I'll probably add a Yuki pearl at some point in the future) With some mods by the wonderful RA: - Reshaped crown guards - Drilled lug holes - Full waterproofing My question is, was a 5513 ever made with this particular dial combination? I have not seen a metres first dial with the submariner text on top (except maybe on a gilt dial) - is this MBW dial a fantasy?
  9. Narikaa is probably your best best for sourcing an MBW - not sure that he's a trusted dealer on here anymore, but still a stand up bloke!
  10. Here yo go! Please ignore the (incorrect) insert - the bezel itelf is unfinished and rather nice once polished up. Gen insert needs a little bit of sanding to fit.
  11. Dunno if this is relevant, but some of the latest batch of Narikaa sourced MBW 5513's (including my own) came with the taller DRSD bezels fitted. Gary Clark managed to source me a very nice complete 5513 style bezel assembley, including retaining ring for $54. The machining on this one is very sharp, unlike the old Clarks bezel. If I can figure out to post pics on my iphone, I will do so...
  12. Awesome info thanks - I will pass this on and let you how it goes...
  13. Thanks for the replies - I'll try to get a picture of the case from my Watchmaker so you can see 'the lie of the land...'
  14. Hi I'll introduce myself properly shortly and give a full breakdown of my watch box in due course! Suffice to say that I've been watching from the shadows on here for a while, muddling along with my own projects with the help of a very friendly and capable watchmaker. However, now we've hit a wall and could really use some help! We've been attempting to build a 5500 Explorer Franken from the following parts: - Gen 15000 Case / Back / Bezel - Gen Crown / Tube - Tropic 13 Crystal (slightly loose fit, but closet I could find - needed a bit of glue to keep it in place) - ETA 2824 Movement - Yuki 5500 Explorer dial (with feet removed) - Yuki ETA Hands - Raffles Time No. 2 Movement Ring Now all has gone together just fine so far, with the exception of the last item (the movement ring). The ring fits the case and ETA movement perfectly, but there doesn't seem to be anything for the case clamps to fit onto (i.e. there is no groove in the case). It looks like the original movement (3035) fits in the case with no movement ring, and that the screws on the movement holds into the case thread. Not sure what to do next - ideally looking for a DIY solution that doesn't involve lots of specialised machining! Has any one else succeed in one of these builds? Would one of Stilty's rings work better that the Raffles version? Apologies to arrive with lots of questions... Any suggestions gratefully received...
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