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  1. mm..mm

    PAM Radiomir 1940 - 512

    Guys I am trying to see what flaws are apparent on the front of the watch. Anything noticable on the dial? I am unable to find any?
  2. mm..mm

    390 crown guard issues

    Yes they are. That's good to know. Thanks
  3. mm..mm

    390 crown guard issues

    Hey Guys Has anyone ever come across the crown guard lever losing its ability to snap shut? Or even lost its "snapping" strength. If so, how can it be fixed? Is it just the pin that's causing the issue or other parts? Expert advice greatly appreciated. Thanks M
  4. mm..mm

    292J v2

    Yeah. That 6 looks quite awefule. Exploded hours.
  5. mm..mm

    292J v2

    Hey Guys Just saw this 292J posted on Toros site. Any thoughts? I know the noob was the best. How do you guys think it compares to it and the gen? I have bought a radiomir myself but might have to with this piece. http://www.torobravos2014.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1345
  6. mm..mm

    New Prod. JF Schumi is out Now

    Wow looks great witht th GP strap. Are you thinking of a mod Z to better the dial?
  7. Great review. Extremely informative to see everything side by side.
  8. I would agree with Maju Stunning piece. This is amazing work.
  9. Not sure either. Would have to measure the exact spacing and with of the plots and see if it could fit. I think someone would have to start with a gen strap and Myiota and look if there is a chance or if the gaps aren't aligned.
  10. Mad is right. There is a huge demand for these plots. I personally would grab a set. Extreay hard to build though. Perhaps it could be done with the myota version. I personally now a BP but would buy a Myiota when the time comes.
  11. Wow. This is perfect... Amazing Z.
  12. mm..mm

    My First Gen

    Wow, it is my favorite AP currently. Enjoy this piece.
  13. I think most franken are based on an 42mm offshore. The take a while to built an parts have become more scarce. I have yet to see one for a 15400. If you come across any 15400 dial, please let me know, I would love to build a franken of that model as well.
  14. mm..mm

    TC V6 arrived!

    Wow, your really can't beat that sub. Look at those end links. Congrats again!