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  1. I've been seeing the vintage subs and gmts on rep sites. Do you guys know of any other rep vintage Rolexes like an Oyster Perpetual being made?
  2. Thanks for the tip, I will start watching the For Sale. Wow, yours really sold quick. Do you think anyone would be interested in my rep, or is it just not close enough?
  3. Oh yeah, that one looks perfect. How do you guys know when looking at a rep sales site, who made the watch?
  4. Oh I appreciate the critique, thanks. That pretty much settles it. I will just pick up an improved rep instead of investing anything more in this one. I might as well go ahead and choose the M series updated one from perfect clones that has the new rehaut.
  5. Hey guys, first post. Just thought I would introduce myself and ask a question all in one. I'm really glad I've found this forum. What you see below is my rep Explorer II on the left and my gen Explorer II on the right. I bought the rep 6 years ago from a fineluxurytime.com that looked very different from the site that is there now. The watch is an excellent one and has now worked flawlessly on 5 continents. It has the incorrect hand stack with the independently adjustable GMT hand. Compared to my gen one, the only noticeable differences has been the larger lugs around the crown, a shorter gmt hand, and the flip part of the clasp has never quite locked into place with a snap, but it never comes open. I found this forum as I was trying to learn where to buy a more accurate rep, one with a correct hand stack. As I have now learned that my stack is more reliable, and it has been reliable, I have considered just keeping my rep and looking for a new clasp that will close correctly. Any opinions or does anyone know of someone who will sell just a rep clasp? If I do need to buy a new rep, does anyone know who has the closest one, preferably one with the smaller "lugs" around the crown. Please correct me if that is not what that part of the watch is called. Thanks
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