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  1. I look for a nice Cartier Diver for a project with genuine parts etc, where I can find a nice one ? Contact also in private
  2. The problem is about the lenght of the lugs, the original Rolex appears more massive due to that detail, bezel and Crystal also make it higher , all appears bigger, at least this is the impression I had putting side by side a replica and original, then surely steel 316 is different from original Rolex steel. Anyway replica tend to be close but sometime they do not put attention to these details
  3. Exatly...they tend to be....same size....the problem is only one...they are not same size and the problem is ONLY ONE...the lugs.....an original has a larger case with larger lug. it should not be so difficult solve this problem or not ?
  4. Hi, I'm newbie about world of replicas, but based on my little experience I noticed often the models are very well realized but the original Rolex appear different. The biggest difference is the case, an original appear always larger and the bezel mode defined and higher. Is there anyone who is able to offer or realize replicas without these problems ? I'm interested in GMT Master II cercamic new model and DeepSea Please let me know , I accept pm messages
  5. Sneed 12, cogratulations for your british humour !
  6. Hi everybody, I'm looking a Rolex replica which is 1:1 , I mean also crystal and bezel , brecelet etc. Models are GMT Master II ceramic, Submarinare date, Daytona vintagezed and new. Can anyone help me ? Also with genuine movements like Francken rolex.... Feel free to contact me also privately if you think to have what I'm looking for.... the PERFECT WATCH.... which in theory should be only the original but I do hope there will be a master supplier of replicas !
  7. noticed in the forum that you realized for a your customer a genuine Audemar Piguet, are you able to do it for any models? Which are at the moment your opportunities?

    You can reply to me at


  8. For me it's not a question only of the price but quality, if the quality is 100% as original, I can spend also more . I wait for someobe who can advise me for the best replicas dealers
  9. I'm completely a new user ! So sorry if I do not know too much about this field. I'm only tired to buy the usually things which are sold for TOP watches, so I was wondering if in this forum which looks for experts there are really TOP replicas. I'm interested in Rolex GMT Master II new model, Daytona, Submariner 50th green bexel, Audemar Piguet, Patek Philippe 5711G If you know someone you are welcome ! I'm based in Italy so for me it would be better a shipment from an european country . Budget from 100 eur until 400 eur
  10. I would be interested in buying a top replica WM9 please contact me with a private message

  11. The genuine Rolex GMT in photos is really nice ! I look for a replica of the GMT master II new model or Submariner 50th green bezel
  12. I'm looking for a perfect Rolex replica, already adjusted with the particulars like dial, brecelets, crown , bezel, etc, so that the wathc is really like the original. Please if somebody has these top replicas, WM9 MBK etc. contact me in private
  13. Hello, I'm a new member and I'm really happy to be a part of this community. I'm looking for a TOP Rolex Replica GMT Master II as I'm disappointed from the many china watches sold as perfect, does anyone know a top dealer ? Someone who can realize a perfect watch? Not the usually things ? Thank you !
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