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  1. You mean like this... Mind you this doesn't look too shabby either [emoji14]
  2. Interesting. I hope you don't mind me asking, but where did you get your gen from? Best prices I found for brand/nearly new are Chrono24 or TZ UK, but I'm not totally cool with the idea of bank transfers to 'trusted dealers' in the E.U. on the former ;-(
  3. I agree Paul - Zocker on RWI had a Franken Noob v3 up for 2500 Euro (gen bezel, insert, crystal, dial, hands, crown). Personally I'd rather save up for the gen. Interesting that you think that Sub C prices will go down. If I could source a minter for less than £4K I'd snap one up in the blink of an eye. Maybe I should wait a while...?
  4. My humble contribution... Pretty much stock PT with non-Sternreuz T39 crystal, Athaya crown and tube and 2846-2. CGs still need some work and I really want the lug holes drilled, but otherwise I'm happy to slap this on to my wrist.
  5. Just to add to s3g0y's mouth watering recent pics. My Noob CrPO arrived from Ryan today (excellent as always - 7 days from order to arrival). I'm going to spare everyone a boring review and keep to some concise observations. -I have a Noob PO LM LE and I've owned the BP CrPO. Overall this is superior to the BP version and at least as good build quality as the LM. -The case and crystal are superb - better AR coating than the BP version and disappears at most angles, 6-7 crown turns to lock, functional HE valve, perfect SEL. -The dial is very nice, but suffers with minor QC issues - my 3 and 9 markers are ever-so-slightly off but hardly noticeable. The DW font is beautiful - white silver and raised as gen and mine centres very well ;-) -The bezel rotates nicely with no play and lines up perfectly at 12. The insert is very nicely replicated and the pearl is absolutely amazing - as gen IMO. -The bracelet is good - on par with the BP and superior to the stock LM. The links and screws look will engineered and the overall feel oozes quality. -Okay so the display back/ETA clone movement is an obvious tell to those in the know, but it really doesn't bother me. I'm hardly going to be passing this watch around for close scrutiny and the movement is actually quite pleasing to the eye. The decoration is a reasonable disguise and I'd much rather the Noob boys concentrated on the business end which they appear to have done admirably. -I tried the gen on a couple of weeks ago and from memory this rep is very, very close. If anything the case is slightly too slim (has anyone taken the time to measure it yet?) which is fine with me as the gen sits too tall on the wrist IMO (compared to my gen 2500). -So is the Noob CrPO better than the PO LM LE? I'd say they are both superb - the stock bracelet on the CrPO is definitely better than the LM, but the display back is a blatant tell. Am I mad having both of them in my collection? Probably. Do I care? Nah. Cheers for reading - I'll post up some better pics tomorrow.
  6. Great guide - really helped me out - thanks
  7. Agreed, Superb rep aided by the fact that gens out there in the wild are pretty rare. Only 'obvious' tells are the lower canon pinion and smoother beat rate of the 2824-2 movement (which I prefer anyway). I've got a gen bracelet on mine which fits the case like a glove...
  8. Other than the aforementioned crystal height and OffCert spacing (not exactly deal breakers IMO) the main issues for me have been QC-based - wonky dial markers, lumpy lume application, wonky pearl, loose Glidelock clasp etc. It seems the factory came up with a great design and couldn't be bothered to put it together properly. Having said that I still love mine, warts and all!
  9. Great spot - gen Sub-C parts are as rare as hen's teeth!
  10. Fantastic review buddy. Just out of interest what is the serial number on your one? I only ask as your lume is definitely bluer than mine (6M9G8Y71) - mine is more aqua blue. I have a feeling there are a couple of subtle variations from the BP factory as I've had two and each had a slightly different rehaut engraving font size. Weird.
  11. It brings to mind quite a funny story... My wife and I went to Lake Garda earlier in the year for our honeymoon and I brought my Noob c-Sub and Santos XL as a change up. I wore the Sub home and wrapped the Cartier in a sock inside one of my shoes in my main suit case. Didn't think twice about it. Anyway as we were waiting in the gate lounge my name was called on the tannoy. A polite Italian woman explained that there was something irregular with my luggage and asked me to follow one of her security team to a far away hangar. Needless to say I was bricking it thinking I'd have my watch confiscated and maybe even get a hefty fine. Turns out something had switched my shaver on and it was vibrating inside the case! Embarrassing but, alas, not infringing on any Customs laws!!! Moral of the story - always selotape up your shaver (or any other vibrating electrical equipment ;-)) prior to packing!!! Or better still use a wet razor!!!!
  12. Nice fund - would love to have this under my coffee table Sorry 'find' not 'fund'
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