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  1. what the story behind this watch? never saw this one before!
  2. thank you would you happen to know if the seconds @ 9 movement is any better? the reason i ask is because there are a couple of sec@9 AP ROO's that i have my eye on that never got repped as a sec@12 3 weeks in customs definitely felt like an eternity. i found myself checking the usps and ems websites daily.
  3. it toook soooooooooooooooooo long for this watch to arrive. it sat in customs for about 3 weeks. now that it's here i cant take it off my wrist. here are my pix. i cant wait to order the Don Ramon :-)
  4. no problem with the watch itself. it did arrive with one of the case screws missing. im not even upset because its such a minor mistake. im going to order the case screws from APBands. i ordered the watch, received confirmation the next day. received qc pics the following day. then the day after that i received the tracking number. the watch made it from the dealer to customs within 3 days. then sat in customs for 3 weeks. from customs to my doorstep took 1 week. overall i would say the actual delivery time (minus the time sitting in customs) was about 2 weeks. my other watches i've ordered
  5. just got my AP ROO (after one month of waiting) but one of the four screws that hold the bracelet to the case is missing :-( where can i order one of these? or should i contact the dealer?
  6. i normally do it with the watch case pointing outside my hands. i tried it the opposite way and the watch slipped on soooooooooo easy. i removed another link and was actually able to wear the watch by putting it on the way you suggested. i luv u. if u were here with me i'd kiss u right now!!! :bangin:
  7. so after a month of waiting for my 1st AP ROO to arrive, its finally here. I removed 4 links from the bracelet. I can barely squeeze my hand through the opening with the clasp fully opened. But when i close the clasp after the ROO is on my wrist, it is still about 1 link too long. The watch dangles on my wrist and falls all over the place. I tried removing one more link. i couldn't even squeeze my hand through the bracelet no matter how hard i tried. I left it for now with only 4 links removed but it is uncomfortable to wear because the watch is not sitting properly on my wrist. Any suggest
  8. i dont even like the AP Diver and now you're making me think otherwise! those straps are great!!!! it seems like i can feel the texture just looking at your pictures. can you please post up some pictures of the Diver on those other straps tooo?!?!
  9. i always keep some vodka around. gooose has always been my vodka of choice. i never liked the taste of stoli, kettle one, belvi etc i've been meeaning to get some. i did have some and i "misplaced" them smh. i guess its time to bite the bullet and buy some more huh
  10. well my AP ROO black themes is stuck in china somewhere for the last 3 weeks. so while i'm awaiting its arrival, i figured i'd play around with the current two watches i have in my collection. let me know if you want to see any specific pictures/angles. i always have time to take pixxx. enjoy!
  11. so you think it may have not even been shipped?
  12. its been stuck in the sort facility for 15 days
  13. I ordered the AP ROO Black Themes on Thursday 6/16/2011. The very next day Fri 6/17/2011 my payment was confirmed. On Saturday 6/18/2011 I received the QC Pics. On Monday 6/20/2011 I received the tracking number. Heres USPS/EMS tracking status: Acceptance, June 20, 2011, 9:06 pm, CHINA PEOPLES REP Origin Post is Preparing Shipment Processed Through Sort Facility, June 21, 2011, 11:58 pm, GUANGZHOU, CHINA PEOPLES REP After that I haven't seen any progress since! Is my watch seized by customs? Is the holiday weekend delaying everything? Am I just paranoid and extremely impatient because
  14. actually after doing some research: this watch has been repped. its a sec @ 9 though and its being sold by a non "trusted" dealer. so im a little hesitant to order one SMH
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