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  1. I dont think its neccesary ,the rep one is pretty good. besides the movement is the giveaway not the dial!
  2. Thanks for your replies , i was looking into getting one of these ,kind of liked the microrotor concept! Enjoy it looks good on your wrist!
  3. Thats a nice watch! Did you get it new ? I asked you because the gen is supposed to be 3 days + i know they made 3 days + clone movements and was wondering is this movement was 3 days (72 hours).
  4. I know this is out of the topic but never saw one that had one this wanted to ask ,what is the power reserve on these on how reliable they are ?
  5. Hi am looking for a PAM422 P SF 1:1 Super Clone P3001 which dealer has one in stock ? Do you know if the power reserve in the back works ?
  6. Happy Birthday RWG!! 🎂
  7. Yes,he is the first i will contact when i decide to service my Pam. His location is convenient for me being in EU!
  8. Nice classic sport watch!
  9. Nice ,Titanium or sand blasted ?
  10. Yes it hard to find some good ones that are real certified of some short watch repair men ,and then its the thing most dont want to deal with reps because they consider them junk and say its not worth the effort but as we have seen through the last years some movements improved so much !I woudnt say the are 1:1 with gens but in some cases are as good as midrange small branded "gen" watches.
  11. Yes i know last time he service me a watch ,it took almost 2 1/2 months. I will also seek for alternatives when time comes ,i just wanted to know someone i tried before was still around. I am not as patient as i was ....we get pick we are aging a little ! LOL!
  12. Thanks i will before i decide to get it serviced. Is this verified ?
  13. Has there been a good rep of either the Pam 422 or the 423 released ? I remember there was a version of the 422 with the superclone movement out couple year back or more but the power reserve indicator was false and not working. Also the PAM 572 rep with superclone micro-rotor p4000 rep does it have a 72 day power reserve like the did with the p3000 clone movement ?
  14. OK ,thanks for the reply,i dont mind shipping in Finland,I am in EU. I dont want anything serviced right now but will need to service a pam automatic rep in a month or two .
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