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  1. Hello, new look is nice , had lost my vip account status though and had to re-order it! To be honest i dont like the new classified section,preferred the old way . Were all the previous adds erased ?i only see a 1-2 watch sales.
  2. Thanks for the tip, that's the watch i was looking for but i read somewhere that ZF has a working PR coming out and thought if it is worth the wait!
  3. Hmmmm I dont think so! Omega prices went up after 2008 to a very high price! New and Used! Actually most Swiss Made Watches! Most PO sell around 3,000 to 3,500 euros used with box and papers! Now if you dont feel comfortable with a Rep no matter how good its is ,then dont jump on the rep hobby! Save up for a gen! Alll rep Omega are a big tell in the movement! If you know Omegas just by looking at the rep movement they shout rep! Unless its a closed caseback,then you have to open the back to see the difference. The older Gen Seamasters with out the coaxial movement is something to look for in used watches for better price deal. Actually of every average user there is no difference in the movement for me. Yes the coaxial movement is probably the best automatic movement on can get these days , specially the latest one called master chronometer, is a GRAND PRIX movement but unless you want go out and say hey i have a top of the line coax They are very well made and they should be found in the 1,500 euro area. There is size is 41,5 mm though is that doest bother you. But i definitely recommend them ! I have one that i bought back in 2001 and is a remarkable watch for everyday wear. I also has a titanium version which i sold and regret it so much!! Omega Seamasters is the best watch to wear and use everyday for me,after having allot of gen watches ,keeping and selling some........Omega will be the best one if asked. Even Higher priced Brands in the horology department for me do not come close if you put them in a comparison, in the all for one watch! And also OMEGA service is simply the best is you decide to send it. Its almost two months waiting but they change almost everything on the watch, for 250 euros, and send you back all the replaced parts!! But if you had gens on the past and then you went and sold and grabbed reps and then you say you do not feel comfortable with either ,i dont understand the point. If you dont like either gen or rep then search something that you will like after all. Cheers!
  4. The accutron is and was a very advanced watch! Too bad is too small for my wrist!
  5. No problem.......we were all newbies once!
  6. Actually ,there isnt a specific "cool" brand or type ,choose what fits you face best! The thing too look for is the lenses ,make sure they are gen and have all the UV ratings. Now there are some nicely made ones but most are typically built the same .........most sunglasses brands are built by LUXOTTICA an Italian brand (yes even Rayban is owned by them) http://www.luxottica.com/en/eyewear-brands If you choose to gate a pair for driving try to choose with polarizing lenses........they help allot cut out glass reflections and road reflections from the sun. Cheers.
  7. You can post in the trade area in the want to buy section here : http://rwg.cc/forum/70-i-want-to-buy/ Make a new post and ask what you want . If you want to make a sale post it in the Watch sale area. Cheers
  8. Looks smaller then a 44mm ,when compared to a pam ,but its a loveley design! I am sure its a high priced watch!
  9. Hello, I dont know if this has been posted before but i was wondering if there is a Pam 423 superclone mov. version that has a working power reserve ? I also heard that there is also a Pam 422 with superclone and power reserve working to be released ? Any info ? Cheers Louky
  10. These look nice but they remind me of the old Vulcain cricket watches and JLC memovox watches.
  11. How good is the rep version?Power reserve index on front working ?
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